11C Portrait Display

Today, we finished our portrait display. We have put it up in our class. I hope you like our efforts.

Here is a closer look.

Until next time.

11C Tectonic Treacle

Last week in geography, we looked at the tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s surface. Today, in a science lab, we looked at how to model the Earth’s mantle. We remembered that the mantle is extremely hot we wore our safety glasses.

We used treacle to act as magma.

In one beaker, we added layers of glitter, to show us how the magma moves up and around in a current.

In another beaker, we placed tin foil on the surface to act as the tectonic plates. When the treacle heated, the bubbles and the convection current moved the foil on the surface of the treacle.


Until next time.

North East Skills Event enthralled Y11

Y 11 visited the North East Skills Event at The Metro Arena in Newcastle. The honed their skills to complete a variety of tasks.

Sensory activities

Some of the sixth form have enjoyed a sensory story about going on a trip.

Communications and social skills

Today we went out to practise communication in a cafe environment.  Everyone did very well.

Science Club

Today we extracted salt from rock salt.

This involved using lots of science apparatus.

We started off by recapping how to use a Bunsen burner.

 Then we started to prepare the rock salt, we started by crushing it with a pestle and mortar.

We then mixed it with water,so the salt would dissolve into the water.

We filtered our water to remove any rock and sand.

 Which left us with salt water. Some filtered better than others.

We then heated the salt water with a Bunsen burner.

Before and after. The experiment was a success.

10 R Made Scrambled Eggs

10R made scrambled egg.

We looked on the smart board for instructions on making scrambled egg.

Parents Evening – Dates for your diary

Autumn term Wednesday 5th December 2018 4pm- 5.30pm

Spring term Wednesday 27th March 2019 4pm-5.30pm

Summer term Wednesday 3rd July 2019 4pm-5.30pm

Friends of The Oaks School AGM

AGM Invite 2018