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FOTOS Funding

Friends of The Oaks School (FOTOS), is a registered charity which provides social activities for young people who attend The Oaks and their families. We also raise funds for specialist events and extra curricular opportunities for pupils. The committee consisting of staff, parents, carers and friends of the school meet regularly. The decision to allot funding is by majority vote at the particular meeting where the request is presented. The Friends are committed to providing Christmas treats, Leavers events and Acorn reward money to school on an annual basis.

The Friends of The Oaks school raise money in a variety of ways. Staff are asked to put request in writing in line with FOTOS guidance. You can see a list of the items we purchased and the events we supported in the AGM report.

Please take note of the following when asking Friends of The Oaks School for funding.

  1. Staff should ensure that they have checked that the items or events requested cannot be funded via school budget, grant application or parents and friends before applying to FOTOS
  2. A request for funds must be made in writing
  3. Describe the benefits for the pupils
  4. Give a specific amount
  5. Attach quotes if possible and demonstrate that the lowest possible price has been sought.
  6. Equipment or events which are inclusive and benefit the majority of pupils will be looked on more favourably.
  7. Wherever possible FOTOS should be invoiced for goods or pay by cheque. If this is not possible staff must produce a receipt of payment.
  8. Staff will be reimbursed by cheque
  9. If a cheque is unacceptable staff may need to wait a little while for a cash withdrawal to be made from the FOTOS account.

We are pleased to be registered for Gift Aid which means we can claim money back from the taxman on all sponsored events. If you would like to make a donation to FOTOS or know someone who would, please ask for a gift aid form. If you are paying by cheque for event tickets or making a donation in this way please make cheques payable to Friends of The Oaks School.

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