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Masonic Fishing Charity Experience Day

On Saturday 8th July Mr Frew and Mrs Gilbert took 8 of our students to Aldin Grange Fisheries near Bearpark in Durham.  This day was organised by the Masonic Fishing Charity, a charity set up to offer children with special needs or from low economic areas the opportunity to experince a days fishing and the benefits it can bring.  The days are completely free of charge with the venue, use of tackle, food, drink and prizes all included in the day.  The students were welcomed and paired up with a volunteer adult support person called a caster helper.  They then fished from 9:45am till 12 noon, some on the coarse fishing lake and some learning how to cast a fly an catch trout on one of the trout fishing lakes.  They rotated between the two on the day, so they all had the opportunity to experience both styles of fishing. After lunch they fished again from 1-3pm, when they then headed into one of the farms barns for the award and presentation ceremony.  Each student received a certificate, medal and fishing trophy awarded for something memorable each student had expereinced on the day.  These ranged from most fish, biggest fish, most improved, funniest laugh and all the way to the must trees caught!

A phrase the charity like to use is “to catch a smile” and here are some photos taken on the day to see those smiles… Many more will be added at a later date once they have all been vetted and processed.


7T Woodland Walk

Yesterday, 7T went on a trip to Hardwick Park to complete an AQA Woodland Walk.

We had so much fun looking for the Gruffalo, walking through the woods and along the lake and playing in the park.

9H – trip to Durham

On Wednesday 9H set off to Durham to continue learning about bridges. We walked across several bridges, as well as walking down to the riverside to see the structures from underneath.

As the rain started to come down we stopped off for a well deserved drink and a second breakfast!

8F : Durham Doors

Year 8 have been working on an art project called Durham Doors recently. Their work has focussed on the main door at Durham Cathedral. They have produced some lovely 3D models of the doorway.

Under the Sea Cafe

We had a fantastic time in 6th form yesterday delivering an ocean themed cafe to parents and carers. All the students involved worked really hard over the past few weeks making props to decorate the room and also a selection of scrumptious food which was served in a very professional manner.

The guests all really enjoyed the event.

Well done to Group 2 for pulling off an incredible afternoon!


Botanic Gardens


The remaining Year 11 pupils have enjoyed a trip to the Botanic Gardens in Durham today.




Options Group-Hobbies-Astronomy

Continuing our work on hobbies, this week, the year 10 options group focussed on Astronomy as a hobby. We were lucky enough to have Sara Courtley join us, who takes part in star gazing and astronomical society activities. Sara did a very informative presentation which portrayed the vast size of the universe.

We then looked more closely at the stars and Sara showed us varying constellation patterns and how they got their names.

We explored the surface of the planets and the moon and investigated how craters were made with a practical task.

We were lucky enough to handle a part of a meteorite.

and we explored what life was like up in the international space station…

We finished our session with a fun game of ‘guess which one is the frying pan and not a planet’. Can you work out which one it is?

We would like to thank Sara for sharing her passion and giving us her time. We think you may have inspired some budding astronomers!

10s Science- Analysing fingerprints

Today in Science 10s carried out some scientific enquiry work focussed around fingerprints. We first looked at what finger prints are and why we have them. We looked at the history of how fingerprints were used for identification purposes. We then investigated our own fingerprints by making prints of each fingertip using ink pads.

We used magnifying glasses to explore the prints in more detail and tried to identify the patterns we could see. We highlighted that our finger tips can have differing patterns but the patterns we each had were entirely unique to us!

We looked at how this fact can help the police when trying to identify people and inspired some of us to go away and find out more are this role in the police force further.

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