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Independent Living Skills

All aspects of independent living are explored within sixth form, from looking after ourselves to looking after our home. Students are given opportunities to gain skills which will prepare them for life after the Oaks, and some will be able to use those skills to live independently.


Daily Living Skills – Looking after the home

Lessons are designed to encourage students to practice skills to look after the home. They are given the opportunity to learn about the importance of a clean and tidy home. They take part in and practice domestic tasks and routines within the safety of sixth form life skills suite. They also identify and explore a range of using equipment and products found in the home for cleaning tasks. Students are encouraged to learn how to sort washing, load the machine, select the correct cycle and fold/iron items. They are encouraged to develop and practice the skills they learn at home.

We have been able to enter students in the Wold skills UK competitions to showcase their individual ironing skills.

Daily Living Skills – Personal Hygiene

Lessons are aimed at the practical skills needed to maintain good personal hygiene and are designed to highlight the consequences of poor hygiene. They take part in and practice hand washing, teeth brushing, hair washing and foot care tasks with the support of sixth form staff. Students are given opportunities to explore a range of products and equipment aimed at promoting independence in carrying out personal hygiene routines. Students are encouraged to use the equipment in school, so they can develop and practice these at home.

Food Preparation

Students are given the opportunity to learn how to prepare simple snacks and meals using seasonal products, some grown in the sixth form garden. Skills are built upon from their time in the main school and over each lesson/ term. Students learn about safety in the kitchen and how to use a range of tools appropriately. They are also encouraged to taste unfamiliar food and look at recipes and ingredients to broaden their own  tastes and preferences.

Some students have been lucky enough to be selected to represent the sixth form at the National World Skills UK competitions in Birmingham, showing the skills they have gained by preparing and presenting small meals/snacks.

Out and About

Each week students take part in sessions within the community; visiting local shops, cafes and places of interest. They are encouraged practice the skills developed in Key Skills lessons relating to exchanging money for goods or services, looking at the coins/notes and working out what is needed to purchase an item. Students will use a shopping list; words and/or pictures/symbols to enable all levels of ability are involved and engaged with buying goods, exchanging money and waiting for the change and receipt.

These skills are important to promote independence and enable students to interact within the community they live in.


Careers and Work Experience

Sixth form work with a range of external providers to facilitate transition and work experience opportunities. Lessons in school encourage students to think about what they’d like to do as a job in the future, class discussions give students an opportunity to discuss what jobs they see in the community, what jobs people at home do and the places they’d like to attend once they leave the Oaks. Students have dedicated

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