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Understanding the importance of Good HealthStudents in the Sixth Form follow a programme of lessons and activities which encourage independence and promote a healthy mind and body. This also enables them to make informed choices about their lives now and in the future.
Personal, Social, and health and Citizenship Education(PSHCE)
Students explore areas of their lives where they can look after themselves and are encouraged to learn about how to stay safe: at home, in the community, and online. Students take part in a range of activities and have opportunities to explore their own body image, how they look and what their hopes and dreams are for the future. They follow a sequence of lessons developing their confidence for using a range of personal hygiene products and equipment to maintain good health and hygiene. They develop individual skills to enable them to carry out personal hygiene routines as independently as possible. Students explore relationships, those they have at home, school, and in the wider community. They explore how to develop and maintain friendships during social times and are encouraged to discuss the benefits of having friendships and how to stay safe when in the community and online.
Food Preparation
During Food Preparation lessons students make choices to promote healthy minds and bodies. They explore healthy eating habits and work in groups to create healthy snacks and simple meals. Students are encouraged to look out for and make healthy food choices when shopping in the community.
Leisure and Recreation -Sports and Hobbies
Leisure and Recreation lessons give students opportunities to choose to take part in and learn about particular sports and hobbies. They are encouraged and guided to look at their local area to find suitable hobbies/sports activities that they can take part in during their own leisure time. Some students access local leisure facilities, such as swimming and the fitness suite. Students are taught about health and safety, as well as how to use equipment appropriately. They are given the opportunity to push themselves to improve their fitness and achieve individual goals. Within school, Hydrotherapy and Rebound therapy sessions are accessed by high-needs students and those requiring physiotherapy. This allows them to explore their own abilities in a careful and supportive way, as well as develop movement and flexibility.All lessons encourage students to develop their confidence, creativity and a sense of self-worth.
Students with complex needs and physical difficulties take part in a range of therapies to build and develop their muscle tone, movement and body awareness. Activities include physiotherapy, rebound therapy, hydrotherapy and relaxation.

Other Opportunities

Students take part in First Aid training, by a specialist trainer to gainedknowledge and understanding how todeal with minor and some major injuries, as well as CPR. Students take part in Food Hygiene training with a specialist trainer. They learn basic food safety and hygiene rules when preparing food. They also learn about the consequences of poor food hygiene. These skills can be transferred into other areas of the curriculum in school, work experience placements and to their lives outside of school.

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