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Qualifications and Accreditation

All students in the sixth form work towards accreditations and Awards based on their individual prior attainment and qualifications gained in Key stage 4.

Students will have access to a personalised curriculum which will prepare them for their future, based on one of 3 pathways as well as individual EHCP targets.

Students are taught in distinct groups according to ability, curriculum need and social group. We believe that this is vitally important for students to gain the breadth of study they need before they leave the Sixth Form for their next destination.

Students work towards completing units over 3 years or less to gain specific accreditations to meet their needs, and develop their skills and knowledge within all areas of the ‘Preparing for adulthood’ framework.

All students complete a range of units over 3 years or less if appropriate, to enable them to gain an accreditation in one or more of the following areas depending upon the level that they are working at;

NOCN Award in English at Entry Levels 1,2 or 3

Units include: planning for progression in English, Reading text for meaning, Ask and respond to questions and make requests and writing skills

NOCN Award in Mathematics at Entry Level 1, 2 or 3

Units include: Planning to improve performance in mathematics, Using Maths in everyday contexts and using money and time

NOCN Diploma in Independent living at Entry Level 1, 2 or 3

Units include: Household cleaning, Kitchen hygiene, Everyday food and drink preparation, Household shopping, Personal care and hygiene, Health and fitness, Getting about safely, Accessing leisure facilities, Making choices, Personal awareness, Exploring dance, Exploring art, Pet care and Understanding rights and responsibilities.

NOCN Diploma in Personal Progress

Units include: Developing writing skills, Getting on with other people, Developing reading skills, Developing communication, Being healthy, Looking after your own home, Number skills, Being part of things, Exploring Household cleaning and equipment, Understanding money, Shape, Sequencing and Sorting, Performing Arts, Getting Creative and Travel within the community

NOCN certificate in Personal Progress

Units include: Developing communication, being healthy, looking after your own home, Number skills, being part of things, Getting creative and Travel within the community.

NOCN Award in Personal Progress

Units include: Getting Creative, Being part of things and Travel within the community

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