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Online Parents Evening – whole school

Just to let parents/carers know in plenty of time  – parents evening will be online this term and will take place on Wednesday 29th November 4pm – 6pm.  Further information for booking appointments will be sent in the near future.


School Calendar

Please see the calendar for the updated dates re Christmas events/information.

Year 11 Independent Living options group

This week the year 11 options group have been working on their independence skills when using domestic appliances. This week saw us focus on those found within the kitchen. We safely demonstrated how to use both the oven and the kettle and rewarded our hard work with a nice hot chocolate or a cup of tea ( made by ourselves of course!) with a sneaky biscuit on the side! We also demonstrated we knew how to clean up afterwards too! A great team effort!

Year 11 food technology

This week, as part of their food technology accreditation, 11s worked in teams to create the most amazing vegetable curry. Staff stood back and let them problem solve to find their own ingredients, equipment and follow the recipe as closely as possible… Each team did amazingly and in actual fact we wouldn’t pick a winner. The skills they developed, the methods they used and the final meal delivered was of such a high quality the staff were blown away! Keep up the determination and effort year 11s!

11s maths

Who says Maths is boring? Not us here at The Oaks! This week 11s have been continuing their work on place value… we’ve worked hard to partition numbers into their 100s, 10s and 1s. Today we tested this knowledge with a competitive board game style challenge. Who doesn’t love a board game? Fun was had, learning continued and knowledge was reinforced!  What is not to love?

Halloween Party

Please can all parents check their emails for an email regarding our up and coming Halloween Party.  If you would like your child to attend this, please reply to the email as soon as possible.  The party will be on Wednesday October 25th 4-6pm.  Parents and Carers are required to organise transport for collection from school at 6pm.
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