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Options Group-Hobbies-Astronomy

Continuing our work on hobbies, this week, the year 10 options group focussed on Astronomy as a hobby. We were lucky enough to have Sara Courtley join us, who takes part in star gazing and astronomical society activities. Sara did a very informative presentation which portrayed the vast size of the universe.

We then looked more closely at the stars and Sara showed us varying constellation patterns and how they got their names.

We explored the surface of the planets and the moon and investigated how craters were made with a practical task.

We were lucky enough to handle a part of a meteorite.

and we explored what life was like up in the international space station…

We finished our session with a fun game of ‘guess which one is the frying pan and not a planet’. Can you work out which one it is?

We would like to thank Sara for sharing her passion and giving us her time. We think you may have inspired some budding astronomers!

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