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Assessment in the Sixth Form

In 2014 the Government asked schools to look at new ways of assessing pupils. Subject teachers working across generic Special Schools in County Durham worked together to determine what we wanted to assess and how that assessment should look. The new assessment needed to take into account the varied and diverse needs of the students in our care. An online assessment programme called ‘Progression’ was devised.

In September 2019, The Oaks Secondary School began using ‘Progression’ across the whole school. The Sixth Form have created a section of ‘progression’ designed around the Preparing for Adulthood framework and adult milestones. Subject areas include; English, Maths, PSHCE, Domestic skills, Personal hygiene, Out and About in the community, Food preparation, Vocational and Enterprise, Religious studies and Leisure and Recreation. ICT and computing skills run through and are incorporated in all areas of the Sixth Form curriculum and ‘Progression’ programme.

Pupils are baselined in the Autumn term of Year 12 using previous attainment and assessment, as well as teacher observations. Staff work closely with other staff within The Oaks Secondary school
to ensure a smooth transition from the main ‘Progression’ assessment programme to the Sixth Form assessment programme.

The ‘Progression’ programme uses different assessment criteria to indicate pupils progress in all areas of the Sixth Form curriculum. Instead of using P Scales and Adult milestone levels we now use ‘Progression’ Steps. There are 6 Pre-steps, moving on to Entry Level 1, 2 and 3 steps for each subject area.

All pupils are assessed on a termly basis. Progress of class and individual groups are discussed by class teachers, assessment co-ordinators and the senior leadership team to support the Sixth Form staff to make informed decisions in regard to EHCP outcomes, short and long term planning within the classroom and additional interventions. Individual outcomes and targets are set and reviewed during EHCP Meetings. My Plan targets are shared with the pupils and sent home on a termly basis. The Sixth Form also use the ‘Evidence for Learning’ programme, which is used in conjunction with ‘progression’. This enables us to show achievement’s, assess individual progress and record attainment. It also allows us to the link evidence with progression statements, as well as individual EHCP targets.

The ‘Progression’ programme and ‘Evidence for learning’ is also linked to all individual pupils NOCN accreditations and progress towards achieving their personalised outcomes.

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