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At The Oaks Secondary School, we aim to promote positive mental health for every child, parent / carer and staff.  We pursue this aim using both universal, whole school approaches and specialised, targeted approaches aimed at identified vulnerable pupils and families.

In addition to promoting positive mental health, we aim to recognise and respond to mental ill health.  The Oaks Secondary School work closely with CAMHS. The Oaks School offers a Listening Matters Program which supports pupils’ emotional well-being.  We recognise that by developing and implementing practical, relevant and effective mental health procedures we can promote a safe and stable environment for children affected both directly, and indirectly by mental ill health.

Time is allocated for all pupils to practice positive wellbeing during “Wellbeing Wednesdays” to build and address identified pastoral targets that focus on areas such as perseverance, resilience and respect.  Students have the option to attend Enrichment activities on Friday afternoons which compliment students’ interests and develop social skills and help build their resilience. Mindfulness is offered as one of these Enrichment activities and students are taught by trained staff techniques such as meditation and mindful breathing.

Also scheduled within the school week is the opportunity to foster strong community links within the school through Family Groups. These mixed groups give pupils opportunities to explore National Drives and Awareness Days.

Below are links to other Pupil Wellbeing initiatives and Support materials for the support and guidance for parents and carers.

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