Family Group- Article 6

Article 6 states that children have the right to live and develop, and that governments should ensure that children survive and develop healthily. Our family group decided to look how children live in refugee camps. We made a short presentation on the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. We also made model of a tiny part of the camp. I hope you like our efforts…

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Family groups

Today some of our groups presented what they have been working on over the last few weeks. Presentations included: performing plays, creating artwork, model making and creating stories. Everyone has done a fantastic job.

Valid Contact details

As we are approaching the winter, please ensure you let the office know if your contact details change.  It is important that we have everyone’s up to date numbers in order for us to keep you aware of situations and events via the text messaging service.  All weather updates will be advised via text and the website will be updated at the soonest possibility, so please check here in the first instance.  Please also note that it is vital to have valid contact details in the case of an emergency, accident, illness etc. for your child.  Thank you in advance.

Non uniform day for Children in Need

Just a reminder it is non uniform tomorrow to raise funds for Children in Need.

Chocoholics reminder

choc reminder

Friday Enrichment: Science Club

Today we made sparklers in science club.


Year 11 Science

Year 11 are currently covering ‘Acids and Alkalis’ in science.

We conducted an experiment where we used acids and alkalis to make rainbow fizz.


Tombola donations

FOTOS tombola donations



Mixed Up Faces!

Pupils in 7D have begun a new Art topic of Portraits. Today we had lots of fun making some mixed up faces – can you recognise anyone?!