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Sensory Afternoon

Bags2School Collection

bags2 school May 19 reminder

Communications group

today the group visited McDonald’s to order a snack and chat.  They did really well!

11L Science

We have been working on the AQA award Introduction to chemistry. This week we explored what happened when we put magnesium metal into hydrochloric acid.

We conducted a risk assessment first.

We could see bubbling, hear fizzing and the test tube felt warm from the chemical reaction taking place.

Japanese Windsocks

This afternoon we have all tried using the sewing machine to sew our windsocks together. We all worked well and followed instructions. They are nearly finished now, and we can’t wait to bring them home!

Job Vacancies

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FOTOS Swimathon

swimathon 2019


In 7D this afternoon we have begun learning about cells. We found out that every living thing is made from cells, and that all cells have a nucleus, cytoplasm and a cell membrane, as well as lots of other parts. This is very complicated, so we will do lots more work on this topic over this half term. We then enjoyed making models of cells, and think they look great!

Year 9 Options Evening

Options Letter to Parents 2019