9R Watering the lavender we planted

Today we ventured out into our Sensory Garden, we looked, felt and had a smell of the lovely lavender that we had planted a couple of weeks ago. Our lavender needed a drink so we used our watering can to give our plants a drink.

9R and the jazzy jellyfish

Continuing our under the sea project….9R had lots of fun painting cling-film with UV Paint, we used different painting tools to make our marks. Then we turned the lights down to see our work glow. We made a wire frame to make a jelly fish, the wire was covered with the cling-film we had painted. We explored different textures and coloured materials. With support, pupils wove materials through the holes in the mesh, and made long tentacles for our giant jelly fish. Pupils were very excited to see the final jelly fish dangling over the side-lyer.

Year 10 Science: Acids and Metals

Year 10 are currently working on the ‘Are you overreacting?’module for their Entry Level qualification.

This week we have been looking at the reactants and products produced when a metal reacts with acid and we measured the rates of reaction.

We also tested for hydrogen gas.

Finally we have placed iron, zinc and magnesium in order of reactivity when acid is added to them.


A fantastic day out

We have had a fantastic day. The circus was great. We are now back at the caravan enjoying the sun and eating pizza!!!

Blackpool in the sun

Today we made our breakfast and came into Blackpool. We bought some gifts, went on the beach, had fish and chips for lunch and now we are ready for the circus. 

Blackpool part 2


Another fabulous sunny day beside the seaside, we visited the circus which was amazing, enjoyed fish and chips, the arcades and spent our holiday cash. 

Blackpool Residential

Great weather for our trip to the seaside, swimming was on the cards straight after we arrived then a look around the site.

Non uniform day

Clic Sargent non uniform

10L: Science

Today 10L have been making bird feeders.  They had to measure out ingredients carefully and follow a method.