Cushions 10R

Pupils chose their colours

They pressed the sewing machine foot to operate the sewing machine.

Next the pupils glued the felt shapes

Shakespeare For Schools

The cast of The Merchant Of Venice had a great workshop yesterday at The Gala Theatre Durham.  They worked collaboratively with another school and also performed a small section of the their play.  I was proud of all their hard work and their behaviour.

Making cakes

Pupils in 7D have enjoyed  Food Technology this half term. We have made a variety of scones, and have now moved on to making small cakes. We started by using a wooden spoon to mix, then moved on to an electric mixer. We all agreed that the mixer was much easier!

9W Felting

Today in textiles, 9W made felt. They will cut them into shapes next week to decorate their bags for life.

11C Tectonic Tables

In geography, this morning, we looked at how the tectonic plates interact with each other to effect the surface of the Earth. We worked in pairs and looked at divergent movement (pulling away from each other) to show the mantle …

convergent movement (pushing together) to make mountains and trenches…


…and transform movement (sliding pasty each other) to cause earthquakes…

We then looked at how the vibrations, caused by tectonic movements, are measured. We made our own seismograph and competed to see who could make the greatest table shake earthquake.

Keep an eye on our blog to see if we can make earthquake resistant towers. Until next time.

Sunflower Art

Year 7 pupils are learning about Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings this week. Shona has drawn her own fantastic version of a sunflower. Excellent work Shona!

Y10 visit to North East Skills Event

Y10 enjoyed visiting the many stands at this year’s North East Skills Event.

with fake injuries…

3D simulations…


11C Portrait Display

Today, we finished our portrait display. We have put it up in our class. I hope you like our efforts.

Here is a closer look.

Until next time.

11C Tectonic Treacle

Last week in geography, we looked at the tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s surface. Today, in a science lab, we looked at how to model the Earth’s mantle. We remembered that the mantle is extremely hot we wore our safety glasses.

We used treacle to act as magma.

In one beaker, we added layers of glitter, to show us how the magma moves up and around in a current.

In another beaker, we placed tin foil on the surface to act as the tectonic plates. When the treacle heated, the bubbles and the convection current moved the foil on the surface of the treacle.


Until next time.

North East Skills Event enthralled Y11

Y 11 visited the North East Skills Event at The Metro Arena in Newcastle. The honed their skills to complete a variety of tasks.