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Let’s Get Reading!


CBBC and Blue Peter have hooked up with Quentin Blake as the designer of the new Blue Peter Reading Badge. (Open to all pupils up to the age of 15 years!)

You can apply for this badge by visiting the attached link and downloading the application form. Applying for the badge is easy!

All you have to do is:

1.Tell them about a book you have read and what you think about it. Maybe you liked the characters, or perhaps you enjoyed going on exciting adventures in faraway places.

2.Upload your illustration of a character or a scene from the story. This could be a drawing, painting or even digital artwork.

3.Let them know what other books and authors you have enjoyed reading and why. We can’t wait to see who applies and receives their very own badge.

And of course we would also love to see your entries too, so dont forget to bring in your illustrations for your teachers and class mates to see also!

Happy Reading!!

Mrs Dove

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