Shopping skills

Some of the Sixth Form used a pictorial shopping list to look for items in the supermarket.

Planning a party

The Sixth Form are learning how to plan a party. Group 4 have been creating invitations to send to their friends.

Key skills

One of our pupils has been identifying animals and their sounds. He has also matched animal pairs using a game on the whiteboard

7P The Flora of The Oaks

In science, we have been exploring the wildlife of The Oaks. This morning we described the aspects of different types of plant…

We then explored the fragrances of different herbs…

Some of us weren’t very keen on their smells…

We then went outside to collect different leaves, fruits and nuts from the trees around the school…

We then went back to class and tried to identify the different types of tree. We used identification sheets and a clever app from The Woodland Trust…

Until next time.

West End in school

Amy, who is an actor and dancer from the West End in London travelled up to give a workshop to year 7.  The workshop was called ‘Bringing Books to Life’ and the book was ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.  Students used gesture and facial expression to act and dance key scenes from the story.

An afternoon socialising

Students went to McDonald’s this afternoon to practise social skills.  They did very well ordering their snack and chatting to each other.

Year 11 Uniformed services

As part of preparation for adulthood, some of our year 11 students have selected to complete a uniformed services taster course. Today we completed some of our military module and made a shelter and prepared a hot drink outside.

We took it in turns to make the shelter, we worked in pairs.

We made a fire.

We tested the shelter by pouring water over the top!

Toasting marshmallows aren’t part of the module, but we did it anyway.

Building in progress…

We used ration pack hot chocolate, some of us liked it more than others!

Glass Painting Group

Practising our skills before painting

10C What is the matter

In science, we have been exploring states of matter. We classified the states as solids, liquids or gases. We described the properties of these states and sorted different objects into these groups.

Until next time.

Science 8N and 8B

We are working through the ‘Microbes and disease’ topic in science. Today we have learned how easily germs spread by using glitter. For this experiment: Glitter = germs.

We worked in pairs, one of the pair rubbed their hand in the glitter.

They then had to rub their hands together to see how easily the germs spread.

Germs everywhere!

We then washed our hands.

We saw hat there was still glitter on our hands, even after washing them. We now know how easily germs spread.