8F Engineering Challenge

This year 8F have been taking part in the 2021 Great Engineering Schools Challenge.   The challenge was set up in 2013 to help encourage children to follow in the footsteps of some of our greatest engineers.

The challenge began early in the autumn term and children spent time designing and building a range of models using the Meccano sets provided by the event organisers.  The pupils had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this years challenge.

On the 20th October 2021 the models were taken to the Shildon Railway Museum where they were judged by an independent selection of experts.

We are very proud of our students who won first, second and third place prizes.  The whole of 8F received a special achievement trophy for their hard work.  Representatives from the Great Engineering Schools Challenge came into school to present pupils with certificates, commemorative pens, wrist bands and our class special achievement trophy on 21st October 2021.

Well done 8F!

11W- frozen Halloween hands, pumpkin shortbreads and witches wands!

11W have been enjoying lots of Halloween activities and treats.

First we explored frozen Halloween hands.  When they melted we found they were full of spiders and other bugs.   We’ve also enjoyed a Halloween baking session where we made shortbread pumpkins.  Some of the pupils chose to make some that were chocolate flavoured.  Finally we’ve practised with fine motor skills by carefully gluing Halloween sequins onto ribbon to make our witches wands.  Have a great Halloween everyone!



8R – RE

8R have completed the topic of Judaism for this half term. As the final lesson this week, we have explored the Holy Land of Judaism: Israel. We looked at images on the board and picked out key features, as well as making a collage of images of Israel. Some of us were even able to differentiate between images of Israel and non-Israel images.


This afternoon in 10D we completed our topic ‘Bread’ by making our own bagels. We all enjoy a breakfast bagel in the classroom on a morning, so thought we’d see what home-made bagels were like.

The dough looked and felt the same as the other bread products we have made, but we all thought it was quite unusual to boil them before we baked them in the oven.

They looked and smelled delicious once they were cooked – we hope they taste good too!


8H – Pumpkin Carving

After a busy morning of English Literature and learning all about Climate change, then maths and English intervention after dinner, 8H carved our pumpkin.

We were lucky enough to have a pumpkin brought in from a family allotment, so we all got to work scooping and carving.

Pretty scary final product!

11W Spooky meringues & Fizzy Pumpkin

In 11W we made spooky meringue ghosts.  The pupils enjoyed using the switch to work the mixer.  They also enjoyed eating them.  They were delicious!  We also made a fizzy potion in our homegrown pumpkin.  We explored the potion using the UV lights.  Happy Halloween everyone!

One point services referrals and training

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Autism Parents Workshop

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Wk 1: Course Introduction/induction (ILP/set targets/initial questionnaire/meet fellow course attendees)

Wk 2: Supporting your child with Autism

Wk 3: Communication

Wk 4: Sensory Processing

Wk 5: Behaviour

Wk 6: Education (supported by SENDiASS)

Wk 7: Support to you and your family (supported by SENDiASS)

Wk 8: Understand how to keep your child safe

Wk 9: Wellbeing (supported by Wellbeing for Life)

Wk 10: Role of SENDco (guest speaker)

Wk 11: Support Groups (Rollercoaster), Lego therapy

Wk 12: Complete course paperwork (ILP/target reviews/learner evaluation form)


Durham Coastal Heritage Beach Clean

Last week, our Duke of Edinburgh groups began their volunteer section of the award. Each week, the groups will travel to many of the beaches in County Durham to collect litter. So far we have found lots of washed up fishing net, a pallet and a huge tyre!


11W Halloween part 1

Today we picked a Pumpkin from our very own Pumpkin patch in the Sensory garden. As part of our topic “Growth” and our ASDAN Transition Challenge, we sowed the pumpkin seeds in March. We have looked after the plants so well they have produced a lovely big pumpkin for us to carve for Halloween. Pupils explored our super pumpkin, then we made our own little pumpkin mono-prints in our art lesson. They looked so good we decided to make some bat prints too. We will wait for the sticky ink to dry, then we will cut some scary facial features and stick them on to our prints.
RRS 23 , 29 & 31