Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 10 to 16 May 2021. This year, we’re inviting you to immerse yourself in the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’, while reconnecting with nature across the week.  Click the banner below to learn more.


6th form recycling

Today we made planters out of recycled milk cartons, we learnt how planting new plants helps clean the air which helps the environment.

10C – life skills

Over the past half term we have been working on a food preparation topic. We have covered lots of areas about hygiene and safety in the kitchen, and made some delicious dishes along the way.

This week we thought about lunch foods, and discussed what we like to have for lunch. We then worked as a team on a variety of stations to make a picnic lunch, complete with sandwiches, pesto pasta and a fruit salad. Check out the pictures!

Holiday Activity Consultation

Durham Youth Council have teamed up with some of our partners to provide some free activities across the county during the school holidays.  To make sure we’re spending the money for the right things, we’ve some questions for you!  If you could take a few minutes to share your ideas, that would be great!

Thank You!

Durham Youth Council

Build a buddy club

We’ve been working hard in Friday afternoon activities designing and building our own ‘buddies’.
Here are our first completed creations, come back next week to see if Thomas’ snake survived the stuffing process!

7H’s week

Another busy week has flown by! Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to.

In maths we’ve been focusing on using comparative language; more or less, bigger or smaller, shorter or taller, biggest and smallest. We’ve all been doing fantastic with these terms, using symbols to label sets of objects as you can see here.

We’ve also been working on addition, using visuals to support us.

In English we’ve been practicing our spellings with typing practice, typing words we use every day like our name or places we go around the school. We’ve also been working on this term’s English literature topic of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We’ve explored shiny and dull surfaces, like the golden ticket, and made our own tickets to develop our writing skills.

We’ve been following a program from our OT service focused on fine motor strength and control. To build the muscles and control we do a circuit of activities; we practice drawing different shapes on a chalk board, we do big arm circles (and sometimes students show us how it’s done by guiding our arms), and squeezing plasticine for 10 seconds to get that grip strength. It’s quite the workout!

In RE we’ve been learning about Buddhism and associated symbols. This week we focused on lily pads. In art we’ve continued our topic of Picasso, focusing on comparing colourful and black and white artwork.

For our Friday afternoon activities we started a new AQA qualification to make foods from different cultures. We started off with fajitas. We have a class of confident chefs. We even had a volunteer to wash up!

Smiles all round for the long weekend – See you next week!

St Georges Day Celebrations

Sixth form really enjoyed celebrating St Georges Day on Friday afternoon as part of their enrichment session. Students helped staff to decorate the garden with flags and bunting. Some of our students also made and decorated cupcakes for the occasion too.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon and everyone really enjoyed spending time together outside. There was music to listen to, an afternoon tea to enjoy and the opportunity to have a sing on the new  karaoke machine, kindly donated by Tesco.

We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures from the afternoon 🙂






End of Day letter

September end of day change 2021

10C Colourful Cooking

As part of our Creative Studies, we decided to mix art and food. We made a thick batter…

We then added a dab of colour…

We then cooked our colourful master pieces…

Our pancakes tasted as good as they looked.

Until next time.

8s- Building a fire

In 8s we have been looking at the Great fire of London. As many of the pupils have never seen a real fire before, Mrs Roddam kindly offered to use her forest school skills and show the pupils how quickly a fire can start and the affect the wind may have on a fire building momentum and spreading quickly- We of course couldn’t make a fire without toasting marshmallows and delicious they were too! We ended the session by looking at the importance of ensuring a fire is completely out and how to do this safely.