Sewing machine skills

This afternoon pupils in 7D had the opportunity to experiment with some different speeds and styles of stitching using a sewing machine, as well as using the foot pedal. With a little practice everyone became more confident when using the sewing machine, and were very proud of the work they produced. Well done, 7D!




This afternoon the fabulous 7D have enjoyed making cells using sweets! We used strawberry laces to represent the cell membrane, a strawberry mushroom to be the nucleus, jelly tots as mitochondrion and rainbow drops as the ribosomes. We topped it off with some jelly to represent the cytoplasm. We had great fun!


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Fund raising

One of our parents is very kindly currently raising funds for our school.


We’re raising £250 to help children with PMLD (profound multiple learning disabilities) and their carers at The Oaks School.

Please donate to my JustGiving Crowdfunding Page and help make it happen:

Thanks for your support

10R Baking Cakes


More sensory


Sensory Afternoon

Bags2School Collection

bags2 school May 19 reminder

Communications group

today the group visited McDonald’s to order a snack and chat.  They did really well!

11L Science

We have been working on the AQA award Introduction to chemistry. This week we explored what happened when we put magnesium metal into hydrochloric acid.

We conducted a risk assessment first.

We could see bubbling, hear fizzing and the test tube felt warm from the chemical reaction taking place.