Blackpool in the sun

Today we made our breakfast and came into Blackpool. We bought some gifts, went on the beach, had fish and chips for lunch and now we are ready for the circus. 

Blackpool part 2


Another fabulous sunny day beside the seaside, we visited the circus which was amazing, enjoyed fish and chips, the arcades and spent our holiday cash. 

Blackpool Residential

Great weather for our trip to the seaside, swimming was on the cards straight after we arrived then a look around the site.

Non uniform day

Clic Sargent non uniform

10L: Science

Today 10L have been making bird feeders.  They had to measure out ingredients carefully and follow a method.


Up-Cycling Latest

This afternoon, we have been preparing for the Summer Fair in July.

We have been making Garden Tealight Holder to sell on our Up-Cycling stall.

We are covering our tealight holders in pretty flowers, before varnishing them to make them weatherproof, and putting a citronella candle in each one.

We managed to make and stick flowers on half of our jars today. We will do the other half of the jars next week, and then varnish them after half term.

We think they will look great once they are finished.

We hope you all come to the Summer fair and buy one!!!

Using our ‘Big-Shot’ to make our flowers.

The ‘Big-Shot’ works by pressing flowers shaped cutters into the paper.

The flowers come out attached to the cutters.

We then have to push the paper flowers out of the cutter.

Some of the tissue paper flowers we made.

Sticking our flowers onto our jars.

It’s a very skill-full job!!!

Full concentration needed!!!

Well done team!!!

Not finished yet – but we think these will be looking fantastic one they are done!!!

More Royal Wedding

Inspired by Van Gogh

Today the printing group took inspiration from the painting ‘Sunflowers’ and used cardboard tubes to print flowers on canvas.  I am sure you will agree how talented the group are!  Next week we are off to Bowes Museum to a printing workshop. 

Locomotion Garden

The Year 10 Vocational Studies group were at the Locomotion Museum in Shildon, working in the garden this afternoon.

It was our third visit of the term, and although things still need time to grow, the flower beds are starting to look good.

We were working on four of the flower beds today. We removed some Spring bulbs from one of the flower beds which we are making into a Hosta bed. We did some weeding to the rockery garden, before planting some new plants. We weeded another flower bed, before planting some Lupins, and we dug one of the other flower beds over which we removed old plants from during our last visit.

The flowerbed are just starting to show the first signs of bloom. They will flourish in the next couple of months, as things grow and become a blaze of colour.

If you are visiting the Locomotion Museum over the summer months – please take a minute to enjoy the results of our hard work!!

Digging over the old herb garden. The plants had become overgrown, so we removed them, and prepared the soil to become a flower bed with a different theme.

Removing Spring bulbs, from our new Hosta flower bed.

Nearly there – not much more weeding to do!!

That’s it – we can start planting now!!

The Hosta flower bed. We’ll add some summer bedding plants on our next visit – but the bed just needs time to mature now.

The rocky is planted up for the summer. it should become very colourful in the coming months!

The ‘Wild’ flower bed just looks after itself. We weeded in during our last visit – so now just need to give it time to come into bloom.

The old herb flower bed – ready to be given a new theme.

The Lupins plants today, will give a blade of colour in a couple of months time!

The Lavender flower bed is flourishing, and will give a beautiful colour and fragrance over the summer!