Vaccination Clinic in Newton Aycliffe

Below are details for a new walk in clinic in Newton Aycliffe for people aged 12yrs and over:


  • Walk in
  • Friday 28th January 2pm – 6pm
  • At Junction 7, The ARK, Silverdale Place, DL5 7DZ
  • 1st & 2nd doses & boosters
  • Age 12+
  • Booster 16+
  • Children aged 12 to 15yrs must be accompanied by a parent or adult
  • 15 minute wait post vaccination

Interval between Covid infection or 1st and 2nd dose must be 12 weeks

Super Shot Saturday – Junior Jabs County Durham

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Contact details

Did you get a new mobile phone for Christmas? Do you receive emails from school?  Have you changed your email address?  Please let school know of any new contact details as soon as you can so we can get hold of you in the event of an emergency.


1-Minute Maths

Covid Vaccinations for pupils

Covid 12-17 Letter for E Consent Letter – Jan 2022 – The Oaks

Please see attached consent guidance if you would like your child to have their first or second vaccination in school.  The provisional date is 15th February but this is subject to change.  If you are able to get an earlier appointment in your own community it would be advisable to do so.


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Reframing Autism

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Lateral Flow Tests

Following on from our previous email advising school has not been able to source a further supply of lateral flow tests yet we still have no date for arrival.
As an interim measure, if you are able to source any LFTs for you child and would like us to test them in school (providing we have permission to test in school) then please feel free to send a box in to school clearly marked with their name.
Thank you for your support.

8R Pop Art

In creative studies, we explored pop art. We looked at Andy Warhol’s work and used some of his images for our inspiration.

First, we coloured images of fruit…

We then cut the images and added them to different coloured paper…

I hope you like our final effort…

Until next time.

Lateral Flow Tests

Dear Parents and carers
Unfortunately, we now have no stock of Lateral Flow Tests in school and no likelihood of having a delivery soon.  You can get kits from your local pharmacy with a collection code. You can get a code by following the link below.
We will continue to try to order kits and will let you know as soon as we have some in school.

Thank you