Up-Cycling Latest

We had another busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group.

We finished our Space Desk today. It has height adjustable legs and has been glazed in three coats of clear waterproof varnish – making it the perfect desk or work table to a bedroom. We think it is out of this world!!

Our Space Table is available to be sold. We will put further details of the table and its price on our selling page.

We also started work on our two kitchen stools – one of which is designed to hold a bottle of wine and two glasses. This project has been commissioned by a member of staff, who would like us to give the two stools a ‘horsey’ theme!!  Ride on Cowboy!!

Attaching the height adjustable legs.

One ‘Space Desk’ – all complete and looking out of this world!!

Next project – a kitchen stool and ‘wine’ stool. We are going to give these a ‘horsey’ theme.

Taking the stools apart. The legs will be painted grey, and the stool tops with be decoupaged with horse pictures.

Putting the brackets on the underneath of the table, ready for the legs to go back on.

Military Fitness- Hiking

On Friday, the military fitness group joined some of the CHAD year 11s to go hiking up the Auckland Way. We walked from school to the near Binchester. We walked four miles in under two hours…

We deserved our weekend break. Until next time.

9R Making Felt Animals


10C Modern Art Masterpiece

We have used the altered portrait images from our art lessons to make this display…

Until next time.

Science: Animal Management

In preparation for the Zoo Lab visit this month, 10L have been working towards thier AQA award in Management of Animals.

Miss McReynolds created a pet shop in the classroom and the students had to use money to pay for the things thier animal would need.

Paying for the goods!


10C Properties of materials

In science, we have been exploring conductivity and magnetism, with Miss McReynolds. First, we looked at which materials conduct electricity. We made a test circuit and tested a selection of materials to see if they were conductors or insulators. We then explored the properties of magnets and looked at their interactions with different materials…

Some of us even made a working electromagnet…

Until next time.

Bonding over science

Year 11 are working hard to study for their GCSE exams this year.

Today we went speed dating with a science twist, year 11 had to extract science information from a small booklet about polymers and create 3 questions. They then spent the remainder of the lesson under a strict timer quizzing thier partners and moving around.


9R Sowing Beans

Continuing with our topic of growth, pupils in 9R explored seeds and beans of different sizes and varieties. Pupils sowed Runner Bean seeds in clear planters filled with cotton wool. They watered

them and are going to observe their seeds to see how the root structures grow. Pupils developed their Numeracy skills by counting the seeds and pointing to the big or small seeds. Pupils communicated which colour seeds or varieties of Beans they wanted to sow. We used our different senses to explore the tactile properties of the soil, water and seeds.


9R Making Bread Buns

This afternoon 9R made bread buns, we used an electric whisk and a switch to mix the dough. Our bread buns looked really yummy when they were cooked.

Science:Density Rainbows

In science 7E have been learning about density. Miss McReynolds used ethonal, washing up liquid, vegetable oil, water and agave syrup, all with a little food colouring added, to show the different densities of the liquids.

7E practised using pipettes and measuring volume.

They used great team work to help each other and worked safely.

 Well done 7E!