11s- No Pens Day- Beowulf Performance

For No Pens Day 11s chose to create a Makaton Performance of the song played at the end of the Beowulf film called ‘ A Hero Comes Home’. We have […]

No Pens Day 11s

To take part in No Pens Day pupils in 11s brought in items that were special to them to share and talk about with the rest of their form class. […]

Year 11 Independent Living options group

This week the year 11 options group have been working on their independence skills when using domestic appliances. This week saw us focus on those found within the kitchen. We […]

Year 11 food technology

This week, as part of their food technology accreditation, 11s worked in teams to create the most amazing vegetable curry. Staff stood back and let them problem solve to find […]

11s maths

Who says Maths is boring? Not us here at The Oaks! This week 11s have been continuing their work on place value… we’ve worked hard to partition numbers into their […]

Let’s Get Reading!

https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/findoutmore/blue-peter-apply-for-a-book-badge CBBC and Blue Peter have hooked up with Quentin Blake as the designer of the new Blue Peter Reading Badge. (Open to all pupils up to the age of […]

Options Group-Hobbies-Astronomy

Continuing our work on hobbies, this week, the year 10 options group focussed on Astronomy as a hobby. We were lucky enough to have Sara Courtley join us, who takes […]

10s Science- Analysing fingerprints

Today in Science 10s carried out some scientific enquiry work focussed around fingerprints. We first looked at what finger prints are and why we have them. We looked at the […]

10s sounds and vibrations

Continuing our unit on scientific enquiry, this week we focussed our attention on the topic of sound. We explored how sounds are made through vibrations and how they travel so […]

Year 10 Options Group- Gardening for Pleasure

Continuing our accreditation work on the importance of hobbies, the year 10 Independent Living group took part in a ‘ gardening for pleasure’ session. John Courtley joined us and showed […]