10s Maths- Directional language

Some of 10s made the most of the fabulous weather this week, and took their maths lesson outside, where they worked on their use of directional and positional language, to […]

10s Fire Station Visit

This morning 10s visited Spennymoor Community Fire Station as part of their careers exploration learning. The Red Watch team at the station were kind enough to show us around, let […]

10s Forces- up thrust and buoyancy

Today we continued with our work on forces. This time exploring the effects of upthrust and buoyancy. The pupils looked at a range of boat designs and discussed the shape […]

Careers Assembly and Workshops

Today we had Dave Corrigan join us, who currently works as an engineering manager at Huntsman, but has had an extensive career within this sector and jobs associated with chemical, […]

10s Science

We continued our work on forces and air resistance today, and followed up our experiment of creating the most air resistance for a parachute to creating the least. We looked […]

10s – Air resistance

Following on from our exploration of air resistance, 10s spent today looking at how air resistance can be useful to slow objects down. We looked at this through the use […]

Year 10 independent living group

As part or our NOCN Independent living accreditation, some of our year 10 pupils have been completing a topic around the importance or having hobbies and enjoying leisure time within […]

10s Forces and Air Resistance

10s have been continuing their work on forces. Today we focussed on air resistance and how it pushes against moving objects to slow them down. We looked at how this […]

Durham Works Speed Networking Event

Today our Year 10 pupils were lucky enough to take part in a speed networking meeting arranged by Durham Works and Mr Broom. The pupils were introduced to a range […]