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7H’s week

We’ve had a full on week! Across the curriculum we’ve had a push on communication – seeking out any opportunity to get our AAC devices and communication boards out!

In Maths we’ve been looking at measurement and weight. One lesson we focused on labelling the heavier item. We’ve also kept up our practice of addition and number recognition.

The next lesson we looked at measuring weight using scales – what better way than to bake? We made the dough one day, refrigerated it, then rolled it out the next day. We tied in some communication by requesting a food colouring each.

8s- Israeli Shakshuka

Today in 8s we have been making an Israeli dish called shakshuka to link into our Geography topic of Asia- This is a tomato based meal with onions, peppers, curry powder, cayenne pepper and eggs. We worked as a team to cut the vegetables and prepare the ingredients. Once the base was cooked, we cracked the eggs on top and watched carefully to see what happened to them. We served this with pitta bread. It was delicious!



Summer Holidays Fun and Food

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School Dinners from September 2021

Dinner costs and arrangements

Covid 19 Cases in Bishop Auckland and Coundon Areas

Be Aware, Be Safe.

There has been a larger than expected increase in positive cases of Covid 19 in the Bishop Auckland and Coundon areas and it is important to follow the rules and remain vigilant. The control measures to stop transmission remain the same as always: Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air.

The main variant circulating national (Delta variant) is easily transmitted although measures to control it are the same. The more robust you are in following the control measures, the better protected you are. It is important to exercise caution when mixing indoors, where the virus can spread more easily. Socialising outside remains the safer option.

If you get any symptoms you must self-isolate and book a free test via the NHS website: www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test

If you are identified as a contact of a case, you must also self-isolate and arrange to have a test as soon as you can.

Please continue to do your twice weekly Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests too. It is worth remembering that two doses of the coronavirus vaccination provide the best protection. Please attend both appointments and please continue following the latest guidance. This and information on how to access testing can be found at www.durham.gov.uk/coronavirus.

8P Light Microscopes

This half term, we have used magnifying glasses and portable microscopes to explore the microscopic world around us. Today, we used a standing light microscope. This microscope has x 4, x 10 and x 40 magnification lenses. We viewed a range of different microscope slides and drew our observations using the different lenses.

Until next time.

8s- Making Falafel

As we have been looking at countries around Asia within Geography, we decided to continue the theme within our food technology lessons. Today we worked together to create our own version of a falafel. We followed the recipe and learnt how to safely use a frying pan. This was a food most of us had never tasted before but most of us decided it was delicious!


8s-Building A Native American Tipi

In 8s we have been studying the Native Americans and today we created our very own class tipi.

We first decorated it using lots of different symbols.

These included:

Birds- To represent being carefree, stars- to represent guidance, sun shines- to show happiness, horses- to represent our journey together and trees and leaves to show our connection to nature.

Once we had finished our design, we went out onto the field to build our tipi. It took a lot of trial and error and even more team work but we got there in the end! We are very proud of our work.

10C Plant Parts

In science, we have been studying plants. This week, we look at the parts and the functions of a plant. We investigated the leaves, stems, flowers and roots of different wild plants using magnifying glasses and microscopes…

These are some of the things we could see under the microscope…

Until next time.