FOTOS Chocoholics Party



AGM Invite 2019 rescheduled

Halloween fun!

Pupils in 8D have enjoyed a fun afternoon carving pumpkins and bobbing for apples!

I hope you all have a fantastic, relaxing week off after all your hard work this term.

10B Art

10B have been learning about Bwa masks today. They have designed their own mask.

Autumn and Halloween sensory story

7P The same but different

This term, in science, we have been looking at the flora and fauna of The Oaks. We have learned about the trees, mini-beasts, birds and mammals that live in the area. Today, we looked at a transient population that inhabit the school, six and a half hours a day, five days a week and thirty-nine weeks of the year. We looked at the pupils in the class and looked at the similarities and differences between ourselves, and recorded our results.

We measured our height and weight…

We looked at our hair and eye colour, and whether we can roll our tongues…

We drew around our bodies, hands and feet…

Until next time.

8F Art

The boys in 8F have been exploring the use of pastels this week in their art lesson.  They have created some beautiful fish designs.  Well done!

9C Water and Colours

In science, we have been looking at some of the properties of water when it is a liquid.

In our first experiment, we looked at how water can “walk”. We put coloured water in one jar and an empty jar next to it. We bridged the two jars with a paper towel, with one end in the coloured water. We then put them in a safe place and, several hours later, the water “walked” to the other jar; this process is called of capillary action…

In our second experiment, we looked at the effect of temperature on diffusion. We added colouring to water at different temperatures. We noticed that the hotter the water the quicker the diffusion; the water particles move quicker the hotter they are and cause the diffusion to occur more rapidly…

In our final experiment, we looked at the colours of ink. We used a method called chromatography to separate ink into its components; the different colours have different weights and therefore travel at different speeds, so what you think is black ink can be a mix of blues, yellows, greens, reds and oranges …

Until next time.

9C Personal Hygiene

In PHSE, we have been learning about personal hygiene. This week we looked at washing our hands and how soap works.

We pretended that the germs were like balloons and soap molecules were like sharp pencil. The soap bursts the germ’s cell wall, causing it to burst (lyse), like a pencil bursting the balloon…

We then looked at what types of fungus grow on our skin. We decided to make foot and hand prints on bread, seal them in bags and incubate them in the dark. We will look at what grows in a couple of weeks…

Finally, we copied the CDC advice for how to wash our hands thoroughly…

We found that their hand washing advice took a lot longer than how we normally wash our hands. Until next time.

7s- Plant and animal cells

For the past few weeks 7S have been looking at cells during Science lessons. This week we made our own version of a plant and animal cell using sweets. We used jelly for the cytoplasm and the pupils chose from a variety of sweets to replicate the make up of each cell.

Great fun was had by all, especially as we got to eat them at the end!