Family Christmas Party

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Science Club Friday Enrichment

Today we have been exploring colours.

First we did chromatography.

Then we looked at how colour diffuses.

Then we made psychedelic milk.


We even saw a rainbow.

Year 10 Science Microscopes

As part of our ‘Dead or alive’ topic year 10 have been using microscopes.

We focussed our lens and we drew our observations.


11L science melting and burning

Today we found out what happened to some materials when they were placed over a Bunsen burner. Our key words were melt and burn.

We found out that chocolate melted.

So did the ice.


We completed a table showing our results.

Adventures in Weardale day 4

Adventures in Weardale : Day 3

Another wet and windy day in Weardale but we escaped the rain by heading to Keswick Indoor Climbing Centre.

We started day 2 by trying out archery and a crate stacking challenge.After dinner we headed out for a walk to Slipwood where we had a game of rounders. The weather might not have been on our side but we were well prepared with lots of layers- the record being 11!

Adventures in weardale: part 1

Sorry about the late post folks, dangers of trying to blog in the sticks! We arrived Monday afternoon and were met with a hot meal and a welcome tour. Then we headed out onto the high ropes course and Jacobs ladder.

Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Day

Careers Fair 2018

Year 9-14 enjoyed visiting our Careers Fair where we were visited by our local colleges and training providers for post 16.

Parents and carers joined us too to investigate a wide range of options. Thank You to all who attended.