Sixth Form

The Sixth Form students have settled back into learning at school and Sixth Form life really well. They are all keen to learn new things and share their experiences over lockdown. We continue to contact our friends that are still shielding and hope they will return soon.
some of the Sixth form have been learning how to do the laundry – make sure they help out at home !

CVC words

Pupils in 9D have had a fantastic first full week back. I was particularly impressed with their spelling skills, as they all listened carefully for the sounds they could hear in different CVC words. Well done, 9D – keep it up!


Year 11 enterprise group have finally been able to have a practical session now that we’re back in school. We worked as a team to make mini cheesecakes, we think they look great. Unfortunately Mr Frew’s carpet didn’t come out looking quite as good…oops


FOTO invite

Year 7 Science

7M and 7S have both started the chemistry module ‘Acids and Bases’. We started by trying some of the everyday acids we have already encountered in food.

Some flavours were not popular.

11W’s beanstalk

As part of our topic “growth” we have been planting beans. We decided to  make our own giant beanstalk using recycled giant bubble wrap.


8T Science

Since returning 8T have started a new topic called Rocks and Weathering. So far we have learned who Mary Anning is and used our observation skills to examine some rocks of our own. Great job 8T.

7H Colours

In science, we have been exploring and explaining colours. First we looked at how light, when shined through different coloured filters can be mixed to make different colours….

Similarly, we looked at how the primary colours can make secondary colours…

We then looked at how paints can be mixed to make different colours…

Finally, we looked at fluorescence, and the effect of UV light on how we see it…

Until next time.

7H’s week so far

We’ve started off the week well so far – we’ve all got stuck in to our lessons again together like we’d never been away.

Not a bad way to kick off the week!


We have been very busy in 11W since our return to school full time. Our new topic is growth, we have explored different sizes of seeds, we have sown Sweet Peas and Runner Beans so far. We have enjoyed looking around the sensory garden and checking to see how well our bulbs have grown since we planted them in September. We also inspected how the new build is progressing and you will be pleased to know our Gaffers gave it the thumbs up! Today we made bread – we learned about Yeast and how it will make our dough rise (hopefully). I can report the bread also got the thumbs up…. it tasted yummy with butter on. We also had a taster session… as you can see someone wasn’t keen on garlic cheese!