Blue Reef Aquarium

10R enjoyed their day out




Pupils in 7D have finished their last History topic of the year by making these fabulous castles. They are all excited to bring them home  – we hope you enjoy them!

Adam Bushnell Visit

The students had a fabulous time today with the author Adam Bushnell.


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6th Form Newsletter

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9W Science

We made salt crystals in science. Do you like them?

WW2 Evacuation

9W have been learning about the experiences of young people in Britain during the Second World War. They have learnt about why and how children were evacuated from towns and cities for their safety. 9W thought it was very sad that children had to be separated from their families. The pictures below shows evacuees with their suitcases and name tags.

Non uniform day

FOTOS Non uniform day

Four weeks ago this young man wouldn’t even sit on this trike without our help. Yesterday he was enjoying being supported by Rita who guided him and as you can see he is enjoying the experience of riding the trike.Rita is now supporting the pupil less.Rita is now watching and the pupil is going solo.