10R at Zoo Lab

Pie,peas and bingo night

Everyone had a fantastic night playing bingo, eating pie and socialising with friends and parents. Thank you to all of the taxi companies that donated Easter egg raffle prizes. We have raised loads of money. Thank you to everyone that attended, bought raffle tickets and helped on the night.

Personal Hygiene

We have recently been talking about Personal Hygiene in our PSHE lessons, and we decided to end the term by demonstrating our skills. We all took part in a hand washing session, paying particular attention to cleaning our nails!

Bags2school collection

bags2 school May 19

7B Science

In science we have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes. We carried out a science experiment to see if we could remove the salt from salt water. We added food colouring so we could see the bubbling water more clearly.

We set up our own equipment and some of us even lit our own Bunsen burners.

7D stop motion animation

7D have been working on short stop animation films in their ICT lessons, you may recognise some familiar characters.

9W Egyptian art

9w have been exploring Egyptian art during the last half term and have been working as a group to create our own sarcophagus, complete with mummy. We sealed our mummy in his tomb and sent him on his way with items for the afterlife .

11C Mother’s Day Gifts

In design technology, we made plant pots for Mother’s day. We planted tomato seeds and let them germinate. We made plant pots from some used tin cans and decorated them with papier mache and paint. We then used red clay to make tomato shapes and attached them to our pots. I hope you like our efforts…

Until next time.

11C Games

In PHSE, we decided to play some games that had an element of skill and competition!

First, we played a ball and spoon race. Mr Carroll and Mr Hetherington had to check the going for the race…

Over confidence caused Mr Carroll to fall…

We then let the pupils play…


We then tested who was the quickest with the chopsticks…

Finally we played…

Until next time.

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