9C Everyone can make a difference

In our life skills sessions, we have been learning about litter. We have been looking at the effects it has on the environment, in all of its many forms. We decided to perform an impromptu litter pick on the school grounds. First, we practised our skills in the class…

Then, we used our skills outside. We had to look very hard to find litter on the school yards, which was a pleasant surprise….

Until next time.

Chinese New Year

This afternoon pupils in 8D have enjoyed some activities about Chinese New Year. We tried to write our names in Chinese calligraphy, made Chinese lanterns, then sampled some Chinese food – with chopsticks!

This term in 8D we are lucky to have a weekly Tin Arts session with Maria. We are working on a short dance routine, and will hopefully perform it to a small audience at the end of the term.

9C Being a Baker

In geography, we have been looking at different careers in the community. This week we explored the role of the baker. We looked at the different job roles a baker performs, the equipment they use and what they make. We then took inspiration from the Queen of Hearts and made jam tarts. After we made our hats, we measured the ingredients…

Mixed, rolled and shaped the pastry…

Baked the pastry, added the jam, baked again and, as all greedy good bakers do, tasted them…

Until next time.

Sixth Form Newsletter

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After school club

Today we made string block prints. We will get a certificate in printing skills at the end of the course.

FOTOS Events

Pie, pea and bingo night February 2020

Coffee morning Feb 2020

Anniversary of the Go Read bus

Can you believe it is a year since the Go Read officially opened?  We held a small get together to celebrate, we had cake and red wine fizz …non alcoholic of course!

The bus gets used every day for reading,  on Fridays the brass band practise there and thanks to a recent TESCO and Groundwork donation we have purchased heaters, a dehumidifier and are planning to fit new flooring to smarten the interior up.  

Friday social communications

The group decided to go to McDonald’s to order a snack and chat with staff and friends.  They all did really well looking at the menu and asking for what they wanted.


Our completed pom-poms. AQA Unit Award 105283.