Chilling out around the centre…


Fun on the bus!

Last night we all enjoyed a lovely walk in the evening sun.

We’ve had lots of fun canoeing this morning.

Fun at Low Mill

9R Design and Technology

We helped the pupils to explore felt and glue whilst making a wall hanging based on an original in Freda Kahlo’s home in Mexico.

Oriental Museum

10L spent the day at the Oriental Museum in Durham.

We went to learn about and experience Chinese culture, as part of our ASDAN course.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a huge Chinese Dragon suspended from the ceiling. It was very impressive, and set the scene for the rest of the day.

We learnt about the Terracotta Warriors, an army of over 8,000 soldiers made from clay, to protect one of the ancient Emperors in the afterlife. We were then given the challenge of making two terracotta warriors from clay ourselves. We split into two teams and made a different part of the warriors each – before joining the different parts together to make our two models.

After lunch, we explored some artifacts  – which included clothing worn by one of the Chinese emperors and his family.

We then learned about the importance of the dragon in Chinese culture. We were taught how to make a Chinese dragon ‘come alive, and worked as a team to make the dragon dance around the museum.

We had a fantastic day. We learned so much and had great fun. We’d all like to go back to the museum again to learn more.

The first thing we saw at the museum was a huge Chinese Dragon.

Exploring a model of a Terracotta Warrior.

Listening to advice on how to make our own Terracotta Warriors.

Starting work on the feet and legs.

Feet and legs done. What’s next?

Starting to make a warriors head.

The body of one of our Terracotta Warriors nearly complete.

Out two Terracotta Warriors.

A great well effort. Well done everyone!!

Exploring some of the Chinese artefacts.

Being introduced to a Chinese Dragon.

Making the dragon dance around the museum.

The Chinese Dragon team. Didn’t we do well!!

Summer Fayre

summer fayre 18 reminder