Superstar Kyran arrives at school prom with Miss England

FORGET about stretch limousines and horse-drawn carriages, one teenager from the North-East has arrived at his school prom with more style than James Bond.

Kyran Richmond, from Chilton in County Durham, flew in to his Year 11 leavers’ party by helicopter and entered with a beauty queen on his arm.

The 16-year-old arrived at Hall Garth Hotel, near Darlington, and was greeted by model Alisha Cowie, 19, from Spennymoor, who was crowned Miss England last year.

Kyran, who has a rare brain disease for which there is no treatment or cure, was celebrating with fellow pupils from The Oaks Secondary School in Spennymoor.

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Fruit Smoothies

This afternoon we have completed our work on fruit by making fruit smoothies. We hope they arrive safely home without spilling! Next week we will begin looking at ways to prepare different vegetables, and will start by making a salad.

Brass Day

A number of pupils have had a wonderful day taking part in a brass workshop with three other schools.
After a mornings practice we all came together to perform to the sixth form and the year 7 pupils.

9W Science

The marvellous 9W have been learning how air resistance works. We made parachutes and tested them.

Fruit kebabs

This afternoon we made fruit kebabs in Food Technology. All pupils were again extremely sensible when working with sharps knives, and we think these kebabs look amazing! Well done, 7D – you always try so hard.

Table cricket

It was a little chilly this afternoon, so we stayed inside to play table cricket for a change. It was good to remember the rules, and to practice our skills, but hopefully next week the sun will be shining and we can play Kwik Cricket outside again.

FOTOS BBQ Reminder

BBQ reminder

Year 9 Science

We have been working through the ‘Driving Along’ topic for our science entry level qualification. The topic is about speed, reaction times and car safety.

We carried out an experiment so we could practise calculating our speed.

First we measured out 20 metres and then we worked in pairs.

One of us did the activity and the other timed them using a stopwatch.

We ran, hopped, skipped, walked and did heel to toe, as quickly as we could.

We then logged our times.

We calculated our speed once we got back into the classroom and put our data into a graph.

Lotus Flowers

As part of our topic on Buddhism, pupils in 7D have been learning about the significance of the lotus flower. These beautiful flowers grow from the muddiest water, and are an important symbol for Buddhist people. We tried our hand at origami to make these fantastic paper lotus flowers, and think they look great!

Harry’s Garden Party

Harry’s Garden Party