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Year 7 

Pupils will be introduced to various textiles and their possible functions. They will carry out health and safety precautions and identify risks. Pupils will learn basic hand sewing skills such as threading, knotting and applying basic finishing to their products. They will explore basic components and create small scale patterns. They will then move on to the introduction to the sewing machine and complete a simple machine sewing task.  

Year 8 

During year 8, pupils focus upon designing for purpose by learning how to understand a design brief and create a customer profile. Pupils will learn the historical nature of a product, its impact on fashion and the current technologies in smart fabrics. They will sample a range of decorative finishes and apply the most appropriate to their product. Pupils will learn how to evaluate their products as they develop and make recommendations for improvement. 

Year 9 

At year 9, pupils will build upon their previous knowledge of fabrics by learning about fabrics, their properties and the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Pupils will be introduced to a design brief and create customer profiles. They will participate in using more advanced machinery, be introduced to computer aided manufacture and develop their machine sewing skills further. Additionally, pupils will learn basic pattern cutting skills. 

KS4 Curriculum Overview Textiles 2022-23
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