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Food Technology

Year 7 

Pupils in year 7 are introduced to food hygiene and safety.  They each have the opportunity to apply this knowledge, to practical tasks within their own kitchen area.  Here they will explore basic ingredients and cooking skills, such as mixing, rubbing in, baking, knife skills and the use of the oven and hob. 

Year 8 

During year 8, pupils take part in sensory evaluation, using their senses to taste and smell different foods.  They will apply this knowledge to tasting bread products from around the world.  Within the practical area they will make a variety of bread products, research staple foods and make rice, pasta and potato dishes.  

Year 9 

In year 9, pupils explore nutrition/ nutritional needs and special diets.  Pupils will make a variety of dishes suitable for each need, Vegetarian/Vegan, Lactose Intolerance, Diabetes and Coeliac Disease. 

Secondly pupils will explore Take away meals, cost and ingredients.  They will then go on to make these dishes using fresh ingredients and cost each meal and compare them.  Pupils will also take part in a Pizza factory production run. 

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