11W Great fun at home!

This week in 11W we took part in a whole class activity at home. It was great to see our pupils once again. This week we are looking at the colour purple, so we had great fun blowing bubbles through a straw. In a mixing bowl we added purple paint, washing up liquid & water. We made some fabulous bubble prints.


Safer Internet Day 2021

As we are all now using the internet increasingly more by participating in our remote learning lessons I though it would be a good idea to refresh our online safety skills and knowledge. Today (9th February) is Safer Internet Day. I Have posted a little bit of information about the event and some fun activities for you to do. You could even watch the BBC’s online lesson about it too. (11am) Enjoy!

Miss Fink (ICT Coordinator)

11W Making a mess at home!

In 11W this week we had a group lesson on colour mixing! We added red & yellow paint to some shaving foam & mixed them together! We made orange! We also managed to make a mess! We then made some lovely prints from our foam art work. Even the staff had fun.


8s Weather Reports

For our Geography topic this term we have been looking at Weather and Climate. This week I set pupils a virtual learning challenge to become weather reporters! They all did a fabulous job! A future career for some of them perhaps?



8s Growing a rainbow.

This week Isabella from 8s completed a sensory experience to see if she could grow a rainbow!

She started off with some felt tip pens, two trays of water and some kitchen roll.

She then drew a rainbow on either end of the kitchen roll.

She put the two ends into the trays of water and watched the magic happen.

Success! Izzy grew her rainbow! Great job Izzy!

8s- Life Skills

This week both at home and in school, 8S have been getting to grips with learning some new life skills that would equip them for independent living. I have to say they have all done such a great job and lots of new skills have been learnt. These include:

Cleaning the bathroom:

And hoovering the floors:

Making our own lunch:

and learning how to use the washing machine:

Making dinner for our families:

And doing the washing up after!

A fabulous effort by all!

Keeping busy in lockdown

Pupils in 9D are keeping very busy during lockdown, both in school and out. Whether they are completing work packs at home, working through Seesaw tasks online, working in school or helping with jobs at home, we have lots of superstars!

Keep up the fantastic work – we are missing you all and can’t wait to see you all again as soon as we are able.




Children’s Mental Health Week














9N tutor time

9N decided that we should have a themed tutor time this week to bring some cheer. We’ve got a lot of Harry Potter fans so everyone donned their best robes and joined the Harry Potter quiz. Points were awarded for best costume effort. The overall quiz winner being Robbie, followed closely by surprise Potter expert Mrs Roddam!

International Lego Day- 8s

Thursday 28th January 2021 was International Lego Day and 8s chose to take part in a lego challenge as part of out remote learning!

Here are some of our fantastic attempts:

Izzy created her name using lego.

Others were challenged to make something out of only one cup of Lego.

Some of us created fun games to play using Lego. A hoop throwing activity:

And a really fun game where we made goals and competed to blow a marble through the goal first using a straw.

We also made some excellent models complete with lots of detailing.

As you can see Lego can be really great fun- Why not challenge yourself to make something new?