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Welcome to the Art Department!

We have two dedicated art rooms in our school with access to a wide range of art equipment and resources. Additionally, we have several members of specialist staff who teach art at ‘The Oaks’, subsequently our pupils have the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of art techniques and processes throughout their time here. Art skills are encouraged and developed through activities relating to painting, drawing, print making, textiles, mixed media, ceramics, sculpture, graphics computing and textiles.

Practical demonstrations are central to the teaching ethos of the department providing an effective means of introducing new skills and techniques whilst generating confidence in our pupils.

Key stage 3 pupils complete 6 units of work each year. Some art work produced by pupils may also be entered for Single Unit Award accreditation during this time.

At Key stage 4 we offer GCSE and Unit Award Scheme and Entry Level Certificate accreditation to our Year 10/11 pupils. Pupils are expected to complete a two-year art course (AQA exam board) and qualifications are awarded in August of their final year.

We have recently introduced GCSE Photography to our qualification portfolio to great success. This strand of Art & Design is offered as a one year course to Year 11 pupils.

Pupils creativity is show-cased throughout the school building and can be seen adorning the walls in many of our classrooms and school corridors.


Art Curriculum ks3 Overview 2022 to 2023


Art Curriculum ks4 Overview 2022 to 2023 FINAL
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