Updated information for new starters is now available in our transition section.

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School Day

These are the timings of the school day. Most form classes move into different rooms for each lesson. Some classes remain in their own form room unless they are accessing specialist rooms for subjects such as PE, Music or sensory interventions. Other pupils have a combination of lessons in their form  or specialist classrooms.

School Opens 8.55am
Morning registration 9.05am
Lesson 1 9.15am
Lesson 2 10.05am
Break time 10.55am
Lesson 3 11.15am
Lunchtime 12pm
Afternoon registration 12.45pm
Lesson 4 12.55pm
Lesson 5 1.45pm
Lesson 6 2.35pm
Home time 3.25pm

Afternoon registration is extended four days a week for ‘reading time’ for most classes. Some subjects such as technology are delivered over three lessons and others may be a double lesson e.g. PE . Some groups of pupils come to lunch early when the hall is quieter.  Assemblies take place regularly in lesson time. Your child will have an individual timetable showing where they will be for each subject and the lesson length. If you have any questions about the school day please contact us

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