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Resistant Materials

Year 7  

Pupils in year 7 will begin by learning about different types of wood and manufactured boards. They will use basic workshop tools and equipment to produce their own name plate from ply wood.  

Secondly pupils will work on a project which will involve them designing and manufacturing their own ruler through the use of computer aided design and manufacture. Pupils will gain an understanding of how products are produced I industry and be able to use some of the more advanced machinery and processes in resistant materials. 

Year 8 

In year 8 pupils will follow all areas of the design and make process to produce a a clock based on their likes and interests. They will carry out research and investigatory tasks, produce a range of initial design ideas, manufacture a quality product and evaluate their clock to look at areas of strength and areas of development. 

Year 9 

In year 9 there will be an opportunity for pupils to design and make a wooden toy also known as a blockhead. Pupils will learn the basics of measuring and marking out and using a range of workshop tools and equipment to manufacture a quality product. 

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