Non uniform day

Yellow mental health letter

8H’s week so far…

We’ve been up to all sorts this week!

In maths we have been working on quantities, and one more/less.

In English some of us are working on understanding the common symbols we use in school and to communicate.

In RRS we have been creating a display all about climate change; we identified images of forest fires, and painted a fire-colour background.

We explored shadow and light with torches in a dark room.

Another busy week!

8H – Independence in the kitchen

This week 8H had a go following a visual recipe to make grilled cheese from start to finish. Our independence is really growing – all of us successfully put our baking tray in the oven independently! We’ll be chefs in no time.

8H – a multi-sensory exploration Autumn

8H have been making the most of the good bits of weather – we have completed an AQA relating to exploring Autumn. Each of us made our own tray with a checklist, pencil, wax crayon and piece of paper. We got dressed for the sunny but chilly weather and off we went.

On our checklist we had many things to search for; yellow/brown/red/orange leaves, berries, conkers, and pinecones.

We found most things on our list, watched the leaves fall from the trees, listened to them rustling, felt them and smelled them.

We also used what we found to do leaf rubbings and painted stencils.

May the sunny weather continue!

GCSE Art…this weeks catch

‘Lorenzo’ the lobster joined us for this week’s   Observational drawing workshop. The group showed real concentration and patience to produce some fantastic drawings for their coursework.

The Great 10D Bake Off!

This afternoon pupils in 10D have turned their hands to baking bread rolls. They discovered that it’s not as easy as it looks – the kneading made everyone’s arms ache!! Everyone was amazed to see how much the dough had risen once the proving time was up. All pupils listened well and followed instructions – they all deserve the star baker award!

Pupils are bringing their bread rolls home tonight – we hope you enjoy them.

KS4 Employability / Personal Development – NOCN Basic Cooking Module

Our Year 10 pupils enjoyed an afternoon of using our home grown vegetables and eggs from the school garden / hens to create a healthy meal. Pupils prepared a salad and then built their own omelette which they could select from a number of ingredients. These included cheese, mushrooms, ham and onion. Pupils then made and ate their own omelette. It was great to see pupils preparing and trying new food.

Well done year 10.

Pupil Flu Immunisations

Pupils will be receiving the flu immunisation spray in school on 6th October (provided you have given consent online).  All pupils aged16 and below are offered this in school.  If your child is 17 or above your GP will contact you.

8M and 8F try Taekwondo

In todays’ PE lesson 8M and 8F have participated in a Taekwondo session led by Russell from Chi Taekwondo. They showed excellent discipline, practicing their punching and kicking technique with their partner. They all thoroughly enjoyed the session and can’t wait for Russell to come back next week!

GCSE art

The year 10 GCSE art spent the afternoon working on their observational drawing skills whilst trialling a variety of materials . We struggled with the scent at times but powered through to produce some lovely pieces . ‘Henry’ the haddock seemed to be everyone’s favourite model!