Super Scones Cafe

Today in enterprise students in Sixth Form have been practising the different roles needed when running a cafe. Some students prepared, some served and others were our trial customers. We will keep you posted as to when the cafe will be open to others. image image image image image image

Friday afternoon Sewing group

Our new sewing group started with choosing then ironing their material ready to make bags and cushions.
We will keep you posted with their progress.




Lindifarne gospels workshop!

Textiles, History, RE and Art departments all enjoyed the Lindisfarne gospels workshops yesterday. We tried on a monks outfit, used a goose feather quill and discovered that ink used by the monks to make the gospels was made from gold and arsenic!





Cricket at the park

7D have been to the South Park in Darlington today and have taken part in PE activities and science activities. They have been learning the skills needed to play cricket and today put some of those skills together to have a little game. Here are Oliver and Christopher bowling and batting.


Manchester Youth Market

After a long very wet and very windy day on the market the students from the school came second in the competition making £85 for their bead club business. Rachael, Jessica, Emily and Chloe had dressed the stall magnificently and their jewellery looked really good. They dealt with the customers extremely well, were polite and well mannered and put into practice some of the marketing techniques they had learned during Friday’s workshop. They were one of only three teams highly commended by the judges and both myself and Mrs Davis were proud and honoured to spend the weekend with such amazing ambassadors for the school. A really enjoyable and tiring weekend but really well done girls.








Swimathon 2013

Well done to the two teams who represented The Oaks school in the Rotary Club annual charity swimathon event this morning, each team of four swam over 100 widths of the pool at Spennymoor Leisure Centre, that works out at more than 25 widths each. Staff and parents supported Neil, Meghan, Jack and Anthony Paul who did a great job of representing the school and made a fantastic effort to keep up the school’s reputation in supporting the event. Pupils always seem to enjoy the event and I hope we can encourage more pupils to swim, or even just come to cheer us on next year. Also many thanks to everyone who sponsored the team, anyone who has not already sponsored the team can still make a donation. School gets half the money donated and this year the main charity supported by The Rotary Club is Riding For The Disabled, however we should remember that Rotary are usually very generous towards the school and it is nice to give a little back.


Liveunltd competition Manchester

Four students from the school are in Manchester today after winning an enterprise competition. Emily, Jessica Chloe and Rachael are going to be taking part in a workshop and then selling the things they have made in bead club in a real market tomorrow. It’s fair to say they are very excited.


A Spring Walk

Mrs Davis’ and Miss Hawke’s Family Group have enjoyed a lovely spring walk around the school grounds, looking for signs that spring has finally arrived. We saw some leaves back on the trees and even some blossom starting to appear.



Enterprise teamwork

Students in year ten have been taking part in a teamwork project to help develop their skills. They were given certain objects with which they have to build a container to protect an egg. The egg will then be dropped off the roof of the school and the winners will be judged in terms of how the container looks, how the egg survives and how it flies will receive a prize. Stay tuned for more photos next week.



Students in year ten have been completing the sport and leisure aspect of their ASDAN PSD course by trying out sports and activities that they do not normally take part in. So far we have tried quick cricket, having a go on a trampoline, circuit training, nerf bombs, cycling, Pilates, and yoga, trying out poses like the standing mountain pose and the tress pose.