Countryside Walking

Steven, Kyle and Mrs Phillips enjoy walking the Bishop Auckland Way. They also met others enjoying the trail.



First Aid

Year 8 students demonstrate their first aid skills. Logan practises on Mr Keen and Luke uses his skills on a fellow student.



Duck Soup

What a lot of giggles we heard in Filmclub this week. When I first put on the Marx Brothers’ Classic, ‘Duck Soup’ the response was “No, boring a black and white!”. However, within minutes the room was bursting with laughter. Here are some of our fab reviews uploaded to the Filmclub website;

Duck Soup 5 out of 5 By
oliver, 14
Duck Soup is a witty & FANTASTIC film. I won’t tell the plot because you have to see it in order to find out. My fave actor in the film was Groucho Marx because of his witty & comedic slapstick.
The cast was Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Margaret Dumont and Zeppo Marx.
i would of given this wonderful epic comedic film IT’S OVER 9000! out of 10 but i can’t do that too so I have to give it 5/5

Duck Soup 5 out of 5
connor, 12
I liked the part where Chicolini dressed as the ambassador in his pajamas and broke the mirror he must’ve gotten 7 years of bad luck and did the old mirror trick pretending to be him and it was hilarious.

Well done both boys will receive their Reviews of the Week, and a golden acorn.

To read more of our fabulous reviews take a look at the Filmclub website.

New Sixth Form building

The new sixth form classes are nearly ready. Andrew was looking at the progress.


ICT in the Sixth Form

Some of the Sixth Form worked together to develop their ICT skills.


Yom Kippur

Some of the sixth form designed white outfits for the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur.


Some of the sixth form practised changing the font, colour and size of words in ICT.


Gabrielle made a photograph collage in ICT


Raffle Thanks

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets for the baby doll. The winner was ticket number 116 and we raised £64.


New timetables

8D have personalised their own timetables this week and today started to use them. The timetables are like books and pupils have decorated them with their favourite things.  The books have either words or symbols on the front to tell pupils what is happening next, and when it is finished they put the word or symbol inside and move onto the next thing.

Can you tell whose is whose?