The Tempest Drama Lesson

8F enjoyed performing the opening scene of the play. They pretended to be on the ship as it was tossed and thrown amidst the storm!

National Storytelling Week

8F gave amazing performances of the local folktale ‘The Lambton Worm’. They created props and learned verses of the ballad to perform to the class.


9s were busy all day making things to sell at the fare. They used skills such as, creativity, handling money, profit margins, advertising and social skills …and they thought they […]

Beamish visit

Year 10 visited Beamish on Tuesday to understand what life was like in a pit village. The trip was inspired by the novel ‘Kit’s Wilderness’ which we are studying this […]

It’s worth reading!

Brandon and Ryan both received a £30 gift card of their choice for winning the Accelerated Reader 100% quizzing league.


We were lucky to have Mr Crawford’s authentic costume to show us how the legendary Beowulf would have dressed when in battle.

A dramatic interlude

8f have just completed their drama module where there final performance was as the 3 witches from Macbeth.