Hall Hill farm trip – 8W and 9C

On Wednesday, 8W and 9C went to Hall Hill Farm to see some local habitats. We were able to visit all of the animals on a tractor ride. We fed […]

8W – visit to Spennymoor police station

Throughout the last term, 8W have been learning about the people that help us in the community. To see this in a real life context, 8W had visited the Spennymoor […]

8W – Making habitats

This afternoon, 8W have been learning about habitats. We thought about different types of habitats we know and how they provide a good home for animals. To explore this further, […]

8W – firefighter visit

On Monday, 8W were visited by our local firefighters. They spoke to 8W about fire safety and what to do if a smoke alarm sounds. 8W listened carefully and could […]

7W – RE/Technology – Making challah

On Tuesday, 7W were learning about Judaism. We looked into Shabbat including how/why it is celebrated. To do this, we then made a loaf of challah which is traditionally eaten […]