6th form Halloween party.

We all had lots of fun today at our Halloween party we played some fun games and had some very ghoulish food. All food was planned and prepared by students.

Developing Baking Skills

Some of our new sixth form students tried out a new baking technique today by making Viennese whirl biscuits with a rhubarb and ginger filling. The verdict…. DELICIOUS!!!

Misty Blue

Today some of sixth form had a visit from Misty Blue where we enjoyed horse therapy. We looked at horses’ grooming tools, protective clothing such as helmets.

We felt the texture of  hay and watched the dressage championships on the whiteboard.We all had great fun.

Presentation of the cheque to The Oaks

Thank you to Lisa wood, the King’s Head and the people of Cockfield for fundraising events such as, sitting in a bath of baked beans for 24hrs raising £3,148.40

Also the customers of Cockfield Co-op for supporting us through their shopping.

The Oaks has been awarded £1,119.87 from the Co-op local community.

Making hot drinks

Today in sixth form we practised making hot drinks. 

Science Club: Hedgehog Homes

In  science club on Friday, some of us made hedgehog homes. We decorated some boxes and added some bedding…

I hope you like our finished efforts…

Until next time.

Kynren tree planting

Some of the sixth form visited the Kynren site again this week. They finished off their plot by adding in shrubs, trees and grasses. They then collected leaves to help tidy the area. It was very cold, but the students did a great job. 

Meeting Frodo…

Group four have been looking at how to care for environments. They have been looking at how we can look after the sixth form pets. Today, they have had the chance to meet Frodo who has been rescued and now lives with us. He has been a bit unwell but loves a cuddle.

David was unsure of the sixth form pets before but is beginning to interact with them. He was happy to sit near Frodo today and even held his hand out for a stroke.

Kyle enjoyed feeling Frodo’s soft fur…

Matthew loved Frodo. He followed him around the room being so quiet and gentle. He stroked him carefully and even asked for a hold in his own way. He loved having Frodo on his knee for a cuddle…

Tree and grass planting at Kynren

Some of the sixth form were very lucky to be invited to the Kynren site at Bishop Auckland to plant trees and grasses. They were shown around the site by John Elms,  Chief of staff and shown a small plot of land that they could work on in the next couple of week before it gets too cold. We will place a plaque here to let everyone know that The Oaks sixth form planted the trees and grasses, and looked after the plot. 

9C TinArts

On Thursday we had our last TinArts session of the year. We thanked Jamie for our excellent dance sessions…

Until next time.