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7H Flowers and Leaves

In science, we have been looking at plants. Today, we decided to examine the differences between leaves and flowers. First, we explored a range of different plants; we enjoyed the feel, smell and touch of a variety of flora. We had a range of herbs, one of us wasn’t too keen on the smells, can you spot who…

We then classified different images as leaf or flower.

We ventured out into the cold to the sensory garden to search for different types of flower and leaf…

Back in the class, we commented on the variety of colours of the different plants we had collected…

Until next time.

11w- Light box fireworks

11w- We made firework pictures using laminated cellophane cut into shapes.  We placed the shapes in different positions to make different firework pictures on the light box.



10C Remembrance Day

We used our craft skills to make 3D poppies and wreaths for tomorrow.

Here are our final efforts…

Lest we forget.

Enrichment- Bonfire night

During enrichment this week we looked at Bonfire night- We learnt about why we have bonfire night and made some fantastic scratch art fireworks using wax crayons and acrylic paints but our favourite activity was the chocolate apple lollies.

Here we are making and decorating the tasty treats!

8S- Making Tudor Pottage

As part of our work on the Tudors we looked at the difference in food for the rich and the poor people at the time. We compared the diets and then created our own version of a vegetable pottage- a food that would be eaten regularly by the poor Tudors. It wasn’t as bad as we initially thought! In fact some of us cleared our bowls.

First we had a go at peeling and chopping….

We then mixed the ingredients and left it to simmer and cook.

It wasn’t long before we got to taste our handiwork! and tasty it was!

Fireworks in 8L

Topic – Light and celebrations

To celebrate bonfire night, we had fun decorating firework biscuits, creating jazzy sparklers and making colourful firework patterns on the lightbox. We enjoyed exploring the materials and choosing colours.



11w Fireworks pictures and sparklers-

we practised our colour recognition skills using the talking pegs to choose colours.



Fireworks in 11W

Topic – Light and celebrations

Continuing on the theme of fireworks; pupils created pictures using paint, glue and glitter. Jack joined in the fireworks fun from home using the Seesaw app.






11w Firework biscuits

Topic – Light and Celebrations – to celebrate Bonfire Night, 11w made biscuits and decorated them with different colour icing to look like fireworks.