Life Skills

Emily washed up today after break.

Japanese Windsock

As part of our Textiles topic on Japanese Windsocks, pupils in 7D have made a paper model of a windsock prior to making the fabric windsocks. This afternoon we have enjoyed flying our paper windsocks in the breeze.



Jacob on large computer


On Tuesday afternoon, pupils in 7D enjoyed a cricket session with Ollie. Everyone worked very hard on their overarm and underarm throwing, then used their throwing skills to try and hit the wickets.

We all tried very hard, and can’t wait to develop our skills in future weeks!

Internal Organs!

This afternoon in 7D we have been finding out about our organs. We discovered what they all do inside our bodies, then looked at how they fit inside us. We drew round some pupils to make a human outline, then worked in small groups to try and put the organs in the correct position. We had lots of fun, and there was some brilliant team work.


More Low Mill

Low Mill Adventures

11C Spring Lambs

This afternoon, we ventured out of the classroom and explored the Auckland Walk for signs of spring. We saw new buds and shoots on the trees, daffodils were flowering along the pathway and the lambs were prancing in the fields.

Until next time.

10R Music in the Sensory Garden

Friday Afternoon Activities

Dancing on the waterbed!