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6th form Recycling

Some of our students in their vocational group have been fashion designers, using only recyclable materials. They are very proud of their finished items!

6th form recycling

Today we made planters out of recycled milk cartons, we learnt how planting new plants helps clean the air which helps the environment.

Sixth form pupils enjoyed having fun on World Book Day. They listened to MC Grammar singing a book rap song and joined in finding book titles and dressing up.

Christmas celebrations in 6th form

Today we’ve all enjoyed our Christmas celebrations in 6th form lots of fun games, chippy lunch and presents from Mrs Claus.

Autumn and Halloween sensory story

Hair and beauty

We had a great day today at our sixth form hair and beauty lesson. Some pupils had their hair trimmed, curled, makeup put on, foot massage and foot spa. Pupils used the phone to make appointments and some pupils practised on each other.