10s sounds and vibrations

Continuing our unit on scientific enquiry, this week we focussed our attention on the topic of sound. We explored how sounds are made through vibrations and how they travel so […]

Year 10 Options Group- Gardening for Pleasure

Continuing our accreditation work on the importance of hobbies, the year 10 Independent Living group took part in a ‘ gardening for pleasure’ session. John Courtley joined us and showed […]

10s – Air resistance

Following on from our exploration of air resistance, 10s spent today looking at how air resistance can be useful to slow objects down. We looked at this through the use […]

Year 10 independent living group

As part or our NOCN Independent living accreditation, some of our year 10 pupils have been completing a topic around the importance or having hobbies and enjoying leisure time within […]

10s Forces and Air Resistance

10s have been continuing their work on forces. Today we focussed on air resistance and how it pushes against moving objects to slow them down. We looked at how this […]

10s- creating toys using forces

Today we explored how many toys use forces to work. We spent some time looking at how different toys operated. We then followed instructions to make our own marshmallow catapults. […]

10s- Forces

To start our new topic on forces we first defined what a force was. We defined this as a push, pull or twist. We looked at how we use these […]

Three Weird Sisters- Macbeth- 10S

This term 10s have been studying the text of Macbeth. As part of this we focussed on the three weird sisters. Today we have been working on our performance skills […]