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Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development

Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development (SETPD)


The SETPD course gives our pupils opportunities to explore a wide range of vocational experiences; high quality learning experiences allow pupils to apply knowledge of practical skills through a range of vocational and enterprise-based activities.

At The Oaks, we want our pupils to know and apply key transferable skills: communication, interaction and working effectively with others. As well as course content, the transferable skills are a key thread in every lesson; applying this knowledge helps our pupils develop confidence, become resilient and access a wide range of vocational activities to their full potential. We feel these threads are fundamental for our pupils in preparing for the next phase of learning, as well as preparing for adulthood.

As well as applying practical skills, the course provides our pupils with a theoretical knowledge that pupils can use and apply in later life. Theory modules allow our learners to develop communication skills, focussing on work-related content. Pupils will develop knowledge in a supportive environment, encouraging them to access the curriculum to the best of their individual need. Pupils that require levels of scaffolding will be supported by Learning Support Assistants and Specialist teachers in all lessons.

In Year 11, pupils have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in an Enterprise unit of work. This unit of work involves pupils coming up with a range of business concepts prior to selecting one business model to follow. Pupils will then contribute to running a business across the year, developing the key transferrable skills and qualities.

This is an accredited 2-year course, resulting in pupils achieving a NOCN Entry Level 3 Diploma (37 credits) or Certificate (18 Credits) in Employment, Training and Personal Development. We feel this accreditation will be integral to pupils not only knowing more about their future employment interests, but will provide a stepping-stone for higher education.

NOCN SETPD - C.Overview Diploma


NOCN SETPD C. Overview Certificate


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