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The school currently offers a highly successful one year GCSE course to our KS4 pupils.

Pupils will be introduced to a variety of experiences that explore a range of photographic media, techniques and processes. They will be made aware of both traditional and new technologies whilst completing this course.

Pupils will use sketchbooks/workbooks/journals to underpin their work where appropriate. In addition to this they will develop their drawing and literacy skills in order to produce storyboards, thumbnail sketches and supporting notes or diagrams, where appropriate.

Areas of study

Pupils are required to work in one or more area(s) of Photography, such as those listed below:

  • portraiture
  • landscape photography (working from the urban, rural and/or coastal environment)
  • still life photography (working from objects or from the natural world)
  • documentary photography, photojournalism
  • fashion photography
  • experimental imagery
  • multimedia
  • photographic installation


GCSE Photography project overview 2022 to 23 FINAL
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