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Physical Education Curriculum Intent statement

Our intent for the PE curriculum is to inspire and motivate pupils to take part in a healthy active lifestyle. We encourage and promote pupils to have a lifelong love for sports and exercise.

The Oaks Secondary School provides a high-quality Physical Education curriculum that inspires pupils to participate, develop their skills and experience success. Pupils have opportunities to participate in lessons, attend after school clubs and represent the school at various levels. The design of the curriculum is to allow all pupils to experience a variety of sporting activities to build on and embed the physical development and skills learnt throughout their school life. The school values are embodied in the Physical Education curriculum. Encouraging pupils to develop their emotional resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence whilst providing a learning environment that fosters a mutually respectful ethos that covers fairness and good sportsmanship.

The curriculum at Key Stage 3 builds upon their physical development and skills they have already learnt in key stages 1 and 2. We encourage pupil’s fundamental skills to be performed competently, confidently and become experts in their techniques and game play. Pupils are taught how to develop their understanding of tactics and strategies, analyse their performances and be encouraged to work as part of a team and develop their problem-solving skills. The PE curriculum in key stage 4 allows pupils to experience more complex physical activities, we provide pupils with the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities that develops their fitness levels whilst promoting a healthy active lifestyle.

As a department, we encourage sportsmanship, diversity, respect and tolerance. The curriculum is planned to allow young people to experience a variety of sports activities rotated on a termly basis throughout the year. Physical Education is taught twice a week. All lessons begin with the consolidation of previous skills and key vocabulary alongside the introduction of learning outcomes for the lesson. Long-term plans have been created with an overview of each topic taught, following a clear sequence and structure to pupils learning with staff providing differentiated tasks to promote individual progression.  The ‘Progression’ Assessment system and Evidence for Learning Program is used across the school to ensure that students are correctly baselined and their progress recorded against key assessment criteria.

The Physical Education department recognises that all pupils have an equal opportunity to participate in sport. This is evident in the differentiation in lessons delivered and equipment provided but also through the creation of personalised curriculums designed for individual learners needs. The school works closely with physiotherapist and occupational Therapists. Staff follow specially designed programmes to develop an individual’s fitness, flexibility and muscle strength.  There are different expected outcomes for pupils depending on the level they are working at. It is intended to address the needs within a pupil’s physical development according to the EHC Plan and My Plans Outcomes. This allows staff, pupils and parents to understand their next steps in learning.
The Profound multiple learning difficulties curriculum includes a range of different activities to develop the pupil’s personal development. PMLD students have sessions such as hydro therapy and rebound therapy to help loosening tense, tight muscles and encourage relaxation. Pupils also have regular sensory play to promote imagination and language development. All forms of activity for the PMLD students encourage communication between staff and pupil for extra development and progress.

By the time a pupil is ready to leave school they will have gained an accreditation in Physical Education. This may vary from AQA single unit awards to BTEC Entry Level Certificates. Students will use their skills and knowledge from all aspects of the curriculum to understand what jobs and careers are available for them in sports. Pupils will also have a better idea of how they can further their love for sports after leaving school at The Oaks career fair. The department hopes that all young people continue to enjoy sports and exercise out of school and in later life. They should also understand and apply the long-term health benefits of physical activity and have the confidence to access sport on a regular basis in their local community.


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