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Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Rationale


The Oaks School recognises the value of teaching a modern foreign language in the curriculum. A modern foreign language is one of the foundation subjects of the National Curriculum. The Oaks School believes that having the opportunity to learn a modern foreign language has a vital role to play in the education of its pupils.

It gives the opportunity to:

  • develop communication skills in that language;
  • develop personal effectiveness though an enhancement of self-esteem;
  • develop important transferable study skills;
  • broaden cultural horizons and enhance social skills and self-confidence;
  • promote positive attitudes towards people from other countries and other cultures and
  • develops pupils’ understanding of themselves and their own culture;
  • experience a wide range of teaching and learning styles and participate in a variety of activities;
  • make a fresh start, with no preconceptions.


The Oaks School believes its aim in the provision of a modern foreign language is, within the capabilities of the pupils, to:

  • develop the pupils’ communicative skills to their fullest potential;
  • raise awareness of language in general, and how language works;
  • foster positive attitudes towards other cultures, counter prejudice and develop in pupils a
  • readiness to see their own culture in the context of the multilingual, multicultural society in
  • which they live;
  • provide an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience;
  • develop collaborative learning skills, through group and pair work, and to help pupils
  • develop their skills and attitudes to enhance their personal effectiveness;
  • develop the pupils’ ability to work independently.


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