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Welcome to English at The Oaks!

Our aims

In English, we aim to motivate, educate and celebrate! We believe that communication, language and literacy are vital when it comes to shaping and developing all students. Our curriculum is multi-faceted: it includes early development, reading, writing and communication, to allow students to achieve their Education and Health Care Plan outcomes and to Prepare them for Adulthood.

Our curriculum

We also want our students to love their English and Reading lessons, to be engaged and excited and eager to learn in a sound and language rich environment. As such, we have a varied curriculum which follows the National Curriculum in terms of content. The curriculum is broad, balanced, relevant and accessible to all students.  It incorporates the latest resources, information, and teaching methods. It is flexible and creative to allow teaching to respond to the needs of the students whenever necessary.

Students have 4 lessons of English each week. Students in Key Stage 3 will have a different focus each term- the novel, poetry then a drama text. This allows students to build their skills and knowledge of different types of literature. Students will also study relevant non-fiction texts, produce writing for different audience and purposes and communicate with others effectively.

Students in Key Stage 4 follow exam board syllabuses. We have an individualised approach to accreditation: some students access GCSE English Language and Literature, some English Language, some Entry Level 1, 2 or 3 or Functional Skills.

Our curriculum for learners working at an early developmental level includes; intensive interactions with skilled and experienced staff through sensory and interactive stories and experience.   We use high- and low-tech communication aids which support expressive and receptive communication, examples being: the PECS system, braille, switches and personal communication devices, Eye-Gaze technology and Makaton.   Mark making sessions develop fine motor skills and encourage early writing.  Some leaners can achieve an ASDAN certificate in literacy and communication, the achievement of others is acknowledged and celebrated through the ASDAN Transition Challenge.

Across both Key Stage 3 and 4, the curriculum is offered in a diverse and inclusive manner.  Within any lesson, traditional and adapted pen and paper methods can be observed, as well as the use of laptops and Clicker 7 to record work, In Print and Reading Pens to support reading and low- and high-tech communication methods to develop expressive skills.

Student progress is measured through termly reading and spelling tests and teacher assessment.

For some students at The Oaks, English and Reading lessons are structured around Read, Write, Inc. Read Write Inc. (RWI) is a phonics complete literacy programme which helps all children learn to read fluently and at speed so they can focus on developing their skills in comprehension, vocabulary and spelling. All pupils are baseline assessed on entry to The Oaks, to ensure the most appropriate English and Reading pathways are chosen for each pupil.

A Parent/Carers Guide to Read Write Inc

Parent guide to Read Write Inc. Phonics – Oxford Owl

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