Duke of Edinburgh Silver Qualifying Expedition

Our Year 11 students went on their long awaited Silver Qualifying Expedition this week to The Lake District. They spent 3 days and 2 nights exploring, sleeping and cooking outdoors. […]

National Windrush Day

In support and recognition of National Windrush day our students across the school created their own projects to celebrate. These ranged from display pieces, food markets (Jamaican Jerk Chicken and […]

8M Art & Design

These are just some of the paintings completed this week by pupils in 8M. They are currently working on their ‘Durham Doorway’ art project and have been looking at Durham […]

9P Final Frontiers STEM

In science, we have been looking at our solar system. We have learned about the interactions between the sun and the plants, the life of stars and the constellations. Today […]

11C RRS Mocktails

In the RRS, we have been looking at Caribbean culture. We liked the look of their cocktails so decided to make a few. Today we made some mojito mocktails… We […]

Parents Evening

June Parents Evening 2022 For all parents except the year 11 pupils leaving school to go to college