Tie-dyeing scrunchies with berries

Last week during our Friday afternoon enrichment our students foraged for a range of wild berries to use for dyeing.  They lit the a fire, kept it going and heated […]

7V Microscopes

This week in Science 7V have been learning how to operate microscopes appropriately and to optimum effect. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to examine a number of slides including […]

7V Bunsen Burners

This term 7V have been learning how to be safe in a science lab and how to use a Bunsen burner correctly. After being shown the correct sequence of steps […]

Friday Afternoon Enrichment – Forest School

As part of our Friday afternoon enrichment programme some students have chosen to take part in Forest school.  We spend our time enjoying the outdoors up at our on-site forest […]

Parents’ Evening

We are hoping to be able to hold parents’ evening in person for the first time since the pandemic.  The date is Wednesday 29th June 4pm-5.30pm so please put this […]

Outdoor Gym

Some year 10 pupils have enjoyed a trip to the local park this afternoon, and explored some of the outdoor gym equipment.

LPPA Assessment

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved the Leading Parent Partnership award for the third time.  Thank you to all the families who responded to our recent questionnaire […]