9C Forces

In science, we have started a new topic on forces. This morning we explored pushes and pulls, and we learned that a twist is a combination of the two. We […]

9C pH Scale

In science, we have been examining acids and alkalis. We have identified different chemical hazard symbols. We also looked at the properties of acids and alkalis. This week we looked […]

11C Mass Extinction Event

In science, we have been learning about extinct and endangered animals. We modelled the K-12 mass extinction event that occurred 65 million years ago; an asteroid hit the Earth near […]

8R Hindi Creation Story

In religious education, we have been learning about one of the Hindi creation stories. We decided to make an art display about the story; we stamped different fluorescent paint onto […]

11C Low Barns

On Friday, we visited the Durham Wildlife Trust reserve at Low Barns. We started the day with butties, toast, cake and a drink, at their cafe. We then walked around […]

9P Final Frontiers STEM

In science, we have been looking at our solar system. We have learned about the interactions between the sun and the plants, the life of stars and the constellations. Today […]

11C RRS Mocktails

In the RRS, we have been looking at Caribbean culture. We liked the look of their cocktails so decided to make a few. Today we made some mojito mocktailsā€¦ We […]

11C Something Different Collage

For our creative art portfolio, we have been making different types of collage. We have explored different styles and liked The Beatles famous Sgt. Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band album […]

10C Family Stone

On the last day of term, we have finished a creative art project, which involved moulding and decorating clay. I hope you like our efforts. Until next time.