11W Coronation Big Lunch

We had a fabulous time in 11W today for our Coronation “big lunch”. We have been busy this week baking biscuits, quiche and making a rainbow salad. We also decorated […]

11W coronation celebrations

Today we had lots of Coronation celebrations.  We came to school wearing our red, white and blue clothes. We made our own version of King Charles’ quiche which the pupils […]

11W The King’s Coronation

In 11W we have been learning about our new King – King Charles and the upcoming coronation. We began the day watching Newsround and looking at the celebrations. We then […]

11W horticulture

This week we planted the sweet pea plants which we sowed in February. We have been looking after them by watering them in the greenhouse. The flowers will be different […]

11W cheesy muffins

  Today in food technology we continued with our sensory baking. We made cheese and garlic muffins. We had to weigh out our ingredients, measure using the jugs, grate the […]

11W craft-making textiles

Pupils have started to create their own soft toys. They chose what they wanted to make and have started to decorate their own fabric. Pupils are learning to use different […]

11W horticulture

So far this term we have been busy in the sensory garden looking after our plants and tidying up our raised flower beds. Pupils are learning what seeds and plants […]