Online Safety Tips for Parents

This week’s online safety guide focuses on online content: 10 tips to keep your children safe online. The internet has transformed the ability to access content. Many apps that children […]

Enterprise Fayre Event

This is taking place next week on Friday 24th November. Everybody is welcome to attend. There is a 50p entry fee.

Y10 GCSE Art

Our new GCSE art group have been learning about the life and work of French artist Paul Cezanne for their first art project. They produced their own version of still  […]

Stay safe online over Summer

This online safety guide suggests some useful ways to help children stay safe online this summer, including updating their device software and utilising built-in parental controls.  

Looking after your Wellbeing Online

It has given us online gaming, social media and streaming but the internet can  also expose us to things that don’t make us feel good about ourselves.  This helpful factsheet […]

8F : Durham Doors

Year 8 have been working on an art project called Durham Doors recently. Their work has focussed on the main door at Durham Cathedral. They have produced some lovely 3D […]

How to Stay Safe online this Summer

This poster shares helpful tips that help young people to stay safer online over the summer by recognising fake news, sharing uplifting content and thinking before they post.

9L Art & Design

Year 9 pupils have been working on a print making project this term. Their starting point was ‘oranges’. These are their watercolour paintings of sliced oranges.  

7P ceramics

Pupils in 7P have been learning more about ceramics in their art lessons this term. They have created hand built strawberries inspired by a potter called Kate Malone. Kate creates […]

Year 7 Computing

Pupils in 7P have been working hard on developing their animation skills in their computing lessons this term.This week they were working on a short sequence of stop frame animation […]