Jubilee Celebrations

Some pupils enjoyed an extra day of Jubilee celebrations yesterday when they visited Croft Community School. They joined in with a recycled flag competition and cake decorating, as well as […]

Daily Living Skills

This afternoon, my year 10 Transition Challenge group have been talking about different household jobs that they help with at home. We then tried our hand at ironing. Most students […]

Number Bonds

Some pupils in 10D have been working hard learning their number bonds to 10 and 20. They used part-whole models to work out pairs of numbers that add up to […]


This afternoon in 10D we completed our topic ‘Bread’ by making our own bagels. We all enjoy a breakfast bagel in the classroom on a morning, so thought we’d see […]

Pizza! ?

This afternoon in 10D we continued our work on bread. This week we decided to make pizzas. We made our own dough, rolled it out, then chose our favourite toppings. […]

Mini-Enterprise Project

As part of their Transition Challenge award, some pupils in year 10 have been planning a mini enterprise project this term. They worked as a team to share and discuss […]

The Great 10D Bake Off!

This afternoon pupils in 10D have turned their hands to baking bread rolls. They discovered that it’s not as easy as it looks – the kneading made everyone’s arms ache!! […]