Year 7 art

During the first half term year 7’s were working on their ‘create’ baseline art assessment. As you can see they produced some fantastic final pieces that demonstrate their creative abilities.

8S Paul Klee inspired artwork

8S have been learning about the artist Paul Klee and how to show their day  as a visual story. They’ve produced some very detailed final pieces using continuous line drawings […]

Friday enrichment

The year 10 litter picking group have been out in the local area for the last 3 weeks and have already made a noticeable difference. We want to thank Durham […]

GCSE Art…this weeks catch

‘Lorenzo’ the lobster joined us for this week’s   Observational drawing workshop. The group showed real concentration and patience to produce some fantastic drawings for their coursework.

GCSE art

The year 10 GCSE art spent the afternoon working on their observational drawing skills whilst trialling a variety of materials . We struggled with the scent at times but powered […]

Year 9 water fight

The year 9’s celebrated the end of the year with a water fight . We couldn’t ask for a better day for drying off after!