Makaton Choir visit Willowdene Care Home

Students from our Makaton Choir group visited Willowdene Care Home and performed a selection of festive songs for the residents. Students enjoyed singing and signing as well as meeting the […]

11C Christmas Collage Making

11C enjoyed applying their collage making skills to create some festive pictures of Christmas lights, Christmas trees, bells and reindeer. Well done 11C!

11C Christmas Collages

Students in 11C have enjoyed applying the collage skills they have developed in Creative Studies to make some festive pictures. Well done 11C!

11C made Beautiful Mother’s Days Cards

Students researched and chose their own designs to make some lovely Mother’s Day cards in Creative Studies this week. They had a variety of resources to choose from and they […]

Spanish Gallery staff visit Sixth Form

Staff from the Spanish Gallery captured the attention of Sixth Form students during their visits to The Oaks with resources from Durham University. Students learned about light, colour, Art and […]