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6th Form Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Students complete their Award!

Our 6th form Bronze Duke of Edinburghs Award students went on their qualifying expedition this week to the Yorkshire Dales.

They spent 2 days and 1 night away from home. The weather was beautiful however very hot so there was lots of extra fluids being carried and sun cream applied!. They walked 7 miles on Day 1. Each student was asked to lead a leg of the planned route and did so successfully. On returning to the accommodation they all successfully cooked their evening meal safely on trangia stoves. After washing up and tidying away they all got themselves showered and changed for a well deserved sleep ready for the next days adventure.
They got up the next morning early, made their own breakfast and packed lunches then packed up the minibus ready for returning to school after their second walk. They managed another long route (6.5 miles), each taking a leg and leading well. They were all VERY pleased to complete the route after a short break for lunch and answering their assessment questions.

Over the 2 days they also took video footage and pictures of landscape, flora and fauna so they can make their presentation to the rest of 6th form in due course.

All the students have successfully passed their expedition section and we are so proud of their efforts and determination in such hot conditions. They have now completed their Bronze Award!

One of our Bronze students has also achieved a Special Certificate of Achievement for completing his Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections successfully. 

Special thanks must go to our two Gold students who came along to help with this expedition and in doing so have completed their final residential section of their award. This means that after 3 years of hard work both have now completed their full Gold award and we await confirmation of their invitation to the Palace to receive their accolade!

Huge congratulations to all!


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