Up-Cycling Latest

We had another busy afternoon in the Up-Cycling group today.

Our rocking chair is finally complete and ready for delivery. We had to try three different types of paint on it before we were finally happy with the colour and quality of the finish. We think it looks great though – and is nicely finished off by the cushion a member of staff kindly made for us to fit the chair.  The fabric of the cushion was chosen by the new owner of the chair.

We started to paper our ‘Space Drawers’. It has taken several mixes of paint to colour match the paint for the edges of the drawers to the wallpaper. We are happy with the match now though – so hopefully, the drawers should be complete and ready for sale by half term.

We also started to decoupage one of the kitchen stools we have been asked to give a horse theme, by a member of staff. There was a lot of careful cutting to do, to get the edges of the stool the way we wanted it to look. We think it will look great once its dried and varnished though!

The rocking chair, before we started work on it.

The rocking chair today – with its new ‘made to fit’ cushion.

Preparing the side of the drawers for the first piece of ‘Space’ wallpaper.

‘Space’ wallpaper on. We think these drawers will look ‘out of this world’, when they are finished!!

Decoupaging the edge of the kitchen stool top is a very fiddly process!

The first horse picture on the stool top.

Nearly complete. A final coat of PVA glue to bind all the pictures together.

As the glue starts to dry – the horse images begin to stand out. They will look very vibrant by the time they are varnished next week!

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