The Long and Short of it

Neal Chaplin, parent of Keane in year 10 decided to shave off his rather impressive beard as it was heading toward the warm summer of 2020.  He decided that the years of growing the facial decoration, which Gandalph would be envious of, was not to be in vain so he decided to ask for sponsors for the big chop!

He raised an amazing £809.00 from supporters and he chose The Oaks school as benefactors.  The plan was for the ‘big chop’ to be done with a crowd of onlookers and for Neal (AKA Chappie) to present the cheque to the school at an assembly – unfortunately in current climes this was unable to happen.

We’d like to thank Neal for his sacrifice – although his partner, Kim and son Keane were secretly pleased the flowing facial fur was gone!

The money will go toward buying specialist equipment for our students.


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