Up-cycling Latest

We finished our multi-coloured IKEA table this afternoon.

The top has been given three coats of acrylic lacquer to ensure it is fully waterproof.

We just had the job of attaching the legs today – nice and easy.

We think it looks really great. What do you think?


The top has been lacquered to make sure it is fully protected.


Attaching the legs.



Our finished table. We are very pleased with how it looks!!

The next step to creating our aboriginal paintings was to mash up the things we had found to create natural paints. We discovered some things worked better than others and we found the odd creepy crawly had stowed away in our leaves! Then it was time to try creating our artwork, we told secret stories using symbols then swapped to see if we could figure each other’s out.


Muddy mayhem

7N are currently studying aboriginal art and have been learning about how paints were made out of natural found materials. We made the most of some sunny weather to go on the hunt for natural materials to be used for our artwork. Some of us were not fans of the mud!

Parents Evening 27th March

Just an early reminder the next parents evening will take place on Wednesday 27th March 2019 4pm – 5.30pm.  No appointment is necessary.

School Uniform Letter

uniform feb 19

Up-Cycling Latest

We have been busy working on two IKEA coffee tables in the Friday afternoon Up-Cycling group.

The first table is being decoupaged in DC comics. We spent a few weeks carefully cutting out images from the comics, and are now sticking them to the table. We still have the legs of the table to complete, and have a few special pictures of Superman to add to the table top. We think it will look fit for a super-hero once it is complete though.

The second table is being covered in multi-coloured squares. Lots of people who have seen the table being created today, have said that it reminds them of Elmer the Elephant. We think it will look fantastic in either a child’s bedroom, or a Man-Den though!

Carefully applying the glue – ready for the DC Comic images.


The DC table top.


Taking out time – to line up the corners of our coloured squares.


Making good progress – and starting to see how the table top will look when finished.


Table top completed. We just need to varnish it once it is dry – and then attach the table legs.

Hair and beauty

We had a great day today at our sixth form hair and beauty lesson. Some pupils had their hair trimmed, curled, makeup put on, foot massage and foot spa. Pupils used the phone to make appointments and some pupils practised on each other.

11C Big Mouthed Monsters

In Art, we made big mouthed monsters. First, we  designed our creatures. We then made coloured salt dough and molded our monsters. I hope you like our efforts…



Until next time.

11C Birds Beaks

In history, we have been learning about Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species”. We have looked at his early life, his voyage on The Beagle and some of the animals that were discovered on The Galapagos Islands. Today, we looked at “Darwin’s Finches”. These birds were found on the different Galapagos Islands and ate different foods. Their beaks were adapted to the food they ate. We explored how different tools can help us pick up different types of object…


We found that different tools help you pick up specific shapes, similar to bird beaks!

Until next time.

11C African Masks

In geography, we have been learning about Africa. We decided to link some of our art work to this topic and we explored different types of tribal mask. We cut out symmetrical masks and beautified them with different ornaments…

We then made different tribal shields…


Keep an eye on the blog for when we put up our Africa display. Until next time.