11C Scones or more scones

Today in food technology, we made fruit scones. We followed written instructions and worked as a team to make them.

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Family Group- Class Charter

Today, we finished our class charter. I hope you like it.

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Developing Baking Skills

Some of our new sixth form students tried out a new baking technique today by making Viennese whirl biscuits with a rhubarb and ginger filling. The verdict…. DELICIOUS!!!

Developing cleaning skills

Some of our new Sixth Form have been developing their basic cleaning skills in the kitchen.

Domestic skills

Some of the Sixth form have been learning how to do the laundry. They have looked at washing labels, sorted clothes and loaded the washing machine.


On Monday, the Sixth Form held a harvest festival. Thank you to parents and carers who donated food items. They have been delivered to the local food bank.


9W decorated sea life

Today 9W sewed up their sea life creatures. Everyone was really pleased with their final product.

Year 7 art

Year pupils have been learning more about Van Goghs Starry Night painting. They have all produced a mixed media version of their own. These are just a small selection of the fabulous work that has been produced. 👍👍

11C Back with a Bounce

Its Tuesday, its rebound!

We are practising our trampoling skills.


I think there was some confusion with trampoline bed and a bed to sleep in, as a lot of lying down was witnessed.

And then there was the twirling…

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