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bags2school july 18

Outdoor Fitness

Some pupils in Year 11 have enjoyed taking part in an outdoor fitness session run by Rob Proud today – everyone tried hard and had lots of fun!


Locomotion Museum Garden

The year 10 Vocational Studies group were back at the Locomotion Museum garden this afternoon.

The recent combination of warm weather and rain has helped the plants grow and start to flower.  Unfortunately,  it has also helped the weeds to grow – so we had to spend some time weeding the raised flowerbeds again. We also spent time picking the weeds from the gravel around the flowerbeds.

There were a few spaces in the flowerbeds, so we planted the last of our new plants for the season. This included planting twenty nasturtium seedlings – which should be blooming with sways of red flowers by the time we next visit the garden in July.

Staff at the museum tell us that they get lots of comments from visitors to the museum about the flowerbeds.

Well done team – all your hard work is clearly appreciated by the local community!!

Planting the last few new plants for the season.

Planting some Cosmos plants. These will be bursting with colour in a few weeks time!

Weeding the gravel around the flowerbeds.

Giving the Lavender flowerbed a thorough watering!

The Wild Flower bed is starting to bust into bloom.

Some of the rockery plants starting to come into flower

The lavender plants are just beginning to show their first hint of colour.

Some of the ‘Pinks’, that we added to the rockery today.

The Hostas we planted during our last visit, seem to be establishing themselves nicely.

World cup celebrations

The Sixth form have been learning about the football world cup. This afternoon we had a penalty shoot out, danced to football anthems and watched the opening ceremony.

9R Planting Marigolds

We have been learning about Mexico this half term. Marigolds have symbolic meanings in Mexico; they are used to decorate Offrendas (shrines) to celebrate Mexican day of the dead. 9R have got the planting bug, we put compost into our pots then  planted the marigolds. We felt the compost and smelled  the leaves and flower buds. Now we will wait for the flowers to open!

FOTOS Coffee morning

coffee morning June 14th 2018

9R Printing with Shells

Summer Term Holiday Club 2018

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9R Making Jam Tarts

This afternoon we made jam tarts, we poured a pastry mixture into a bowl, added water then gave it a mix, took it in turns to knead the dough and roll it out. We then tasted and smelled the jam – ooh lime and strawberry! We spooned the jam into our pastry cases, then baked them in the oven.  Our jam tarts looked really yummy when cooked. We made some letters using the left over pastry and asked pupils to find their initial sound.


Proposed Federation with Croft Community School

Oaks letter to parents re federation

Federation proposal formal document

Federation FAQs

Feedback form SWDLF and Croft