10C Family Stone

On the last day of term, we have finished a creative art project, which involved moulding and decorating clay. I hope you like our efforts.

Until next time.

11W Zoo Lab

Today we were lucky enough to get a visit from Zoo Lab.  We saw giant snails, rats, snakes, cockroaches and tarantulas.  Pupils all held or touched the animals.  They had a great time.  Some of the animals even got a special elbow bump from one of our pupils!


10C Zoo Lab

Zoo Lab visited school today. We had a session examining the different animals that we had been learning about in science. We at looked animals from the different vertebrate and invertebrate trees; we examined a giant gastropod (snail), diplopods (millipedes), insects (cockroaches), arachnid (tarantula), reptiles (snake and tortoise) and mammals (rats).

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7H Sunset in the savannah

In art, we have completed a project using recycled materials; we made a sunset from old tissue and scraps of paper; we cut empty milk bottles to make a herd of elephants; our final image was of a herd of elephants walking by a river at sunset. If you look closely, you can see the reflection of the silhouetted clouds and trees in the river.

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End of Year & September changes

End of Year and September changes

11W- Come on England!

The pupils in 11W have shown their support to the England team today by making bucket hats and England cakes.  They have practised their fine motor skills in lots of different ways, i.e. helping to use a ruler, painting with a paint brush and  mixing with a spoon.   We wish England well on Sunday.  Come on England!


Y7 Isolation

We have had a number of positive Covid cases in Year 7 and as a result have closed most of the Year 7 classes. Parents have all been informed if their child needs to isolate. Unfortunately this will mean that these pupils will not return to school until September. Remote teaching will be put in place for those who are isolating.

11W- A day at the beach!

Today 11W had a day at beach!  As we couldn’t go in person, we brought the beach into the classroom.  We started off the day by decorating England flags to go into our sandcastles.  We then went in the sand and the sea.  The pupils listened to the sea in the shells.  We had a sandcastle competition and Lesley judged the winner.  It even began to rain just like a typical day at the British seaside!  Nicola and Rita had to shelter with an umbrella!  We had fish and chips for lunch followed by an ice cream topped with sprinkles, sauce and a flake! They were delicious!  We had a great day.





7H’s Tuesday

We started the day with English; working on spellings, letter recognition, and communication using PECS sentence starters.

We had Music with Mr Lock, and enjoyed doing Cardio Drumming.

Next we learnt about where and how different fruits and vegetables grow, and created our own landscape. Despite our jam-packed morning we were engaged right until the last moment before lunch!

In the afternoon we competed for sports day, and have all gone home with medals!

A busy day – same again tomorrow?

Kooth Sessions for Parents / carers

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