8W Magnets

8W have started a new topic ‘Magnets’. Today we made our way to the outdoor classroom and investigated what was magnetic and what was not.


We then put the magnets together and discovered they attract each other or repeal each other.

7E Science: Conductors

7E have been learning about electricity. Today we have been exploring which materials will conduct electricity and which will not. We created a circuit to test them.


Up-Cycling Latest

Meet the new Up-Cycling team for this term. Its nice to see some familiar faces who like to up-cycle every term, and some new ones who want to try it out for the first time.

We have a lot planned for the term. We have a couple of projects from last term to finish off. Our rocking chair is just about finished and just needs a final coat of varnish, and we are still working on our ‘Horsey’ kitchen stools.

Today was all about a new project though – a ‘Beano’ childs desk and chair. We took the chair and desk apart ready for it to be covered in cut out pictures from Beano comics.

We then started the slow process of cutting individual frames from the comics. There will be a lot of work in cutting enough frames accurately for the desk and chair – but getting the preparation right now, will make for a good quality finish when the project is complete!

The Up-Cycling team for this term!!

Our new project – a child’s desk and chair which we are going to give a ‘Beano’ theme.

Starting to take the chair apart. Lets hope we remember how to put it back together again!!

It’s a team effort to take the desk apart.

The desk and chair are looking very different!! We are ready to start thinking about Beano pictures now!!

There is a lot of accuracy needed when cutting the comics up into small pictures!!

That’s it – only another 600 pictures to cut!!!

Spennymoor Police Station

The Year 10 ASDAN group sent the afternoon at Spennymoor Police Station.

We were learning about the role of the police in the local community.

When we arrived at the station, we were taken straight to the Custody Desk, and taught about how the police gather evidence to link someone who has been arrested, to the scene of a crime.

We all gave our finger- prints, and learnt that the police often take footprints as well.

We were taken into the cells, and shown a typical meal that someone in the cells would be offered!

We also got to have a look at one of the Police Interceptor cars.

We had a great afternoon, and learnt a lot about the role of the police in the community.

Our teacher then invited the Police to school to see the presentations about the role of the police in the community that we are going to produce in the next few lessons.

No pressure there then!! Thanks Sir!

Arriving at the Police Station.

We were quickly taken down to the cells.

We  were ‘booked in’ at the Custody Desk!

. . . . and all had our finger prints taken.

We were shown how the police take prints from shoes as well.

Next we had our photos taken – ‘just for the record!!’

That’s it – Throw the key away quick!!!

Phew – we got an early release!!

The food didn’t look too good. Even the police said they wouldn’t want to eat it!!!

Checking out the Police Interceptor cars!!

Now back to school – full of new knowledge to help with our presentations!

FOTOS meeting

The next FOTOS meeting takes place at 10am on Wednesday 18th April.  Everyone welcome!

Year 10 Mock Interviews

letters to parents about mock interviews.


swimathon 2018

Zoo Lab Group 1

Today we had Rob from Zoo Lab visit us. He brought along some friends…



10C Zoolab

Today, Zoolab visited the school. We examined the different animals that Rob had brought into school…

Until next time.

9R Zoo Lab

9R had a fabulous time visiting Zoo Lab ! They came face to face with an African Land Snail, a snake and a Tarantula! Now which one should we get as  a classroom pet?