7B sunflower art

8S art

Work in progress by year 8 pupils based on their journey from home to school

7F sunflower

7N Acorn cafe

7N were invited to visit the Acorn Cafe over in Sixth Form this week, we ordered our own food from the menu which was then prepared for us by the Sixth form students. We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit and left full! Thank you Sixth form.

Science Club: Making Slime

Today we used cornflour and washing up liquid to make slime.


7N Acorns

7N were over the moon to collect some of their golden acorns today. Keep up all the hard work!

10R Faces

10R Toast and Lemon curd

10R Made lemon curd

7N Art

7N have been inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gogh and have been sketching sunflowers to develop their observational drawing skills. As you can see they did an excellent job.