10C Bird Feeders

As part of a project, we made bird feeders to be hung around the sensory garden.

We made the bird food, using a recipe from the RSPB site; we stirred lard, seeds, raisins and cheese together and pressed the mixture into pots.

We then went into the sensory garden and hung up the feeders…

Until next time.

10C Poles Apart

In science, we have been exploring magnetism. This week we looked at how magnets interact with each other…

We looked at how the poles from different magnets interacted with each other. We used scientific vocabulary to describe the phenomena; the poles either attracted or repelled each, we also used the terms pulls and pushes.

Until next time.

8P Chromatography

In science, we have exploring colours and making colours. We investigated the colours in felt tip pens, by using a technique called chromatography.

We dotted different coloured inks onto filter paper, and dipped them in water. The water soaked into the paper and the ink “spread”.

We also observed that several of the felt tip inks were a mix of colours; light blue was a mix of yellows and greens; black was a mix of red, blue and purples.

We also noticed that some of the colours didn’t travel as far as others. This was because they were heavier, e.g. purple.

Until next time.

COVID Testing

Dear Parents and Carers,
We will be continuing to provide COVID testing until Easter holidays for all pupils who have provided a signed consent form. The testing at school will continue until Easter. We will provide further information after Easter in regard to any changes to the testing procedures. If you do not wish for your child to be tested in school please contact the school. If you have not signed a consent form then this message does not apply to your child.

Martyn Tweddle

Executive Deputy Head Teacher

7H’s belated world book day

We love reading in our class, so we enjoyed world book day just a day late!

After our reunion this morning as a class, we had a browse of a few different books; we all like books about animals, dinosaurs and wildlife especially.

Lateral Flow COVID Testing

Unfortunately, the Government website to log tests has ‘crashed’ today. We have still supported the pupils to do a test but have not been able to  register or log results. If your child was having a test today please assume that the result is negative.  We will telephone if there is a positive result.  Thank you


For the attention of Year 11 pupils’ parents / carers. Year 11 pupils have been involved in a virtual assembly with the National Citizen Service this morning. This is a government initiative to get pupils active and work on their key skills and qualities over the summer holidays. Please find in this blog a parent letter, booklet with key information along with a flyer that pupils received today. There is a video link which gives you further information:  https://bit.ly/3kLksnu

The Oaks SU21 PG Letter

YP Information Flyer


Sixth form pupils enjoyed having fun on World Book Day. They listened to MC Grammar singing a book rap song and joined in finding book titles and dressing up.

Remote Learning Art

This is just a snapshot of some of the art work that I have been sent from our pupils showing a mixture of computer-based research, observational drawing and typography. View Fullscreen
Well done everybody! I am looking forward to seeing everybody and their art work when they return to school next week.

11W Another good catch up!

This week in 11W we had another good catch up on Teams. This week the pupils shared their favourite things with their peers. We had great fun hearing all about the pupils special objects & why they liked them! This was part of our ASDAN challenge activities. We are looking forward to all being together again next week!