8s – Russian Sugar Cookies

As we are studying Asia, and in particular Russia, within Geography at the moment, we thought it would be a great idea to explore some Russian recipes within our Food Technology lessons. Today we made Russian sugar cookies. We were surprised to hear that the main ingredient on the recipe was mayonnaise but nevertheless we gave it a go and they actually turned out to be delicious! Here we are working as a team to make this sweet treat!


8s- The importance of cooperation in friendships

Today we worked on our cooperation skills. We did this by playing some group games involving balloons. We worked in teams to play a relay game which involved running with a balloon between our knees. We had to encourage and support our team mates and work together to ensure our team won!

Following this we took it in turns to burst our balloons. Inside was a hidden question. We had to work together to ask our peers the questions in turn, ensuring everyone had a chance to pop their balloon and everyone got the opportunity to answer a question. We all had great fun even if we found the balloon popping a bit scary!

Big Play Guitar Dash

This morning some of year 7, 8 and a six-form pupil took part in Durham’s Big Play Guitar Dash. They have been working with the guitar teacher for 6 weeks learning a number of short pieces.

Well done to all involved

Mr Lock

8P Microscopy

In science, we have been exploring the microscopic world. Last week, we used magnifying glass to explore different objects but today we advanced to using a microscope.

We examined different plants and insects at x20 and x40 magnifications. We found a leafhopper amongst our plants and this insect took centre stage in our drawings.

Until next time.

Putting directions into practice….

8F applying their learning into a practical scenario.  Face masks doubled as amazing blindfolds for the pupils to take turns in directing their partners around a course of coned gates to an end cone.  They really had to work hard to recall the correct terminology allowing them to turn in the correct direction and by the correct amount.  We had great fun at the same time as embedding some directional learning (as well as how to give accurate instructions) through trial and error…. well many errors, but that is how we learn!

Investing in Children Award

Fantastic work by pupils and staff at The Oaks for gaining the ‘Investing in Children’ award this year.  Proudly displayed here by our Head Girl and Boy, Selina and Keiran.   Another great achievement demonstrating the ethos of the school, despite the difficult circumstances for all this year, by recognising how much we really do support and ‘invest’ in our pupils.

Enrichment: Movie props and SFX

The newly formed Movie props and special effects group got off to a good start today when they began working on a Jurassic park themed project.
This week we’ve been making dinosaur eggs, however it looks like some have already hatched …

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Qualifying Expedition Day Two

Sadly we have to report that two of our students were unable to continue with their expedition after sustaining an unlucky ankle injury during team building activities and a sudden illness respectively. They were both returned home safely this morning to start their recovery. The whole of the remaining group wish them both well and hope they are soon feeling much better.

Our second day comprised of a very long walk around Derwent Water, searching for various flora and fauna and recording the journey using our go pro video cameras. They all rewarded themselves with a chip shop treat at the end too!
All the students were given a leg of the route to lead by themselves and the staff were all very impressed with their map reading skills today. They were all very tired and a little sore after day one so the staff were extremely happy with their efforts and resilience today.
On returning to the campsite the heavens opened. After a short amount of downtime were we treated to a welcome break in the weather when the students took the opportunity to cook their evening meals on trangia stoves again independently.

Tomorrow will see the students take on a final shorter route locally to complete their Silver expedition and complete the award!
Once again the DofE team want to say how proud they are of each and every one of the students’ efforts in what has been a very difficult year for them. We have seen them all grow in confidence in themselves and their abilities, learn new and valuable life skills and show great resilience and determination throughout their time on the award programme.
We wish them all well on their future paths and look forward to seeing them receive their awards at the leavers assembly.


11W- recycling!

In 11W we have used an old piece of wood and plastic bottle tops to create a tulip for the sensory garden.  First we painted the wood, then varnished it.  Finally we used the drill and hammer to attach the bottle tops to the wooden flower.  We hung it in the sensory garden for everyone to enjoy.

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Qualifying Expedition

What a difference 2 weeks makes.. Our weather today was not as glorious as the last time we were here however the students didn’t let it dampen their spirits one bit. They’ve all completed an arduous route from Portinscale up to the saddle of CatBells in very humid and damp conditions which then turned into a very windy and very wet slog!

On their return to the campsite they all put up their tents independently of staff help and cooked their own evening meal using trangia stoves.

Following their evening meal they all enjoyed some down time addressing the days blisters and playing some team games before retiring for a well earned sleep. Watch this space for tomorrow’s update…