Using a community facility

This afternoon students in sixth form visited Divine and Delicious as part of their out and about in the community lesson. Students read the menu and placed an order, practising money skills. One of our students on reflection stated they were proud of being able to give the correct coin and work out how much change they were due!image image image

7T try out their Japanese Koi Carp wind socks they made in textiles technology






Thomas draws the story of Noah’s Ark

7D have been looking at the story of Noah’s Ark. Last week, they watched the story and this week have done some work.
Thomas decided that rather than cut out the pictures and stick them on the sheet, he would draw his own pictures. We think he did brilliantly and earned himself a golden acorn.


Enterprise cafe opening

Today students in sixth form opened the cafe to classes in school. Today 7s visited whilst our students prepared and served to the group. Well done sixth form on your official opening!image imageimageimage

Y10 textiles students sporting their completed silk ties.

We looked at the Lindisfarne Gospels and Celtic Art as our inspiration.










G.C.S.E. Art & Design Exhibition

HOORAY!!!! Young people in our Year 11 G.C.S.E. art class have finally completed all of their coursework! A short but sweet exhibition of their work was set up on Thursday in preparation for the visiting moderator on Friday morning. All art work looked fab! Unfortunately the display had to be taken down afterwards so that the classroom could be used but the paintings and drawings will be put up on display again very soon. We look forward to the final grades being awarded in August

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World Environment Day.

Our family group taking part in a litter pick around the school.

image image image image

Applying make up ready for the weekend!


Practising what we have learnt in this term


Hair and Beauty aqa unit award